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The Federation has completed its Researched Report into the failure by this Government to recognise and pay the Occupational Pensions and Gratuities for the accrued years of service due to members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975. This is the only such Report in existence.

The Federation has established the total cost to the Government to satisfy the above, and has circulated its full Report to all Members of Parliament. It is most important therefore, that all ex members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975, including any present day widows of service personnel, are registered with the Federation to ensure inclusion in any settlement. Additionally, representations have been placed before the Prime Minister, and his Government, calling on him to address this injustice immediately.

Meanwhile our case is before London solicitors, experienced in the field of challenging HM Government over injustices relating to the Armed Forces. They are currently seeking further guidance from our Secretary General (December 2015) If you wish to register your accrued years of service towards an Occupational Pension, and Gratuity to be taken into account, please forward your details via the "Membership" section of this website. The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK (CAFF UK) is now the only organisation seeking reparations on behalf of pre-1975 leavers - your support and the support given by current members, on your behalf, is greatly appreciated


November 28th 2017

Awaiting postage confirmation for letter to Caroline Dinenage MP



Whilst the Government fills the news media with reports on the Brexit negotiations, senior Cabinet Ministers have been attending discussions about integrating our Defence Forces with the other 27 members of the EU. Yes - I said - INTEGRATING!

Michael Fallon - then Secretary of State for Defence - was present at a PESCO Meeting in Latvia in September. (PESCO - Permanent Structural Co-operation) where Ministers were advised that they had until the end of November to sign up the proposal. Subsequently, the item was on the Agenda at a Cabinet Meeting, but with no papers issued, and with a media blackout on the subject, preventing any public debate. It is more than likely that, after reading this note, you will know more about the subject than your MP!

Thereafter, on Monday the 13th November (this week), Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, attended the EU Council Meeting (a follow up meeting) where 24 of the 28 signed up to the integration of their Defence Forces So far, we are told that he did not sign, but that his role was one of a watching brief. We understand that the only thing preventing the British Government from signing up, is the strength of the Change.Org Petition which, the time of writing had over 12,000 signatures.  We have just received confirmation that the ONLY reason why the British Government DID NOT hand over our military forces to Brussels on Monday is because we embarked on this #PESCOGATE Campaign.  The paperwork had been completed but not handed over..... 

We know that many of you will want to support this petition and we strongly urge you to pass it on to all your friends and military connections. Petition


Regardless of the temporary stall, we understand the Civil Service are, none the less, preparing for Military Integration, with NO Parliamentary Debate and NO Royal Assent - an Act of Treason, no less! Our lads and lassies have fought long and hard for our Sovereignty and our Freedom, as did our forefathers - they deserve better. We must stand by them, now! 

Take the Poll:

Meanwhile, you should be raising questions with your MP (a letter template is available from: It seems that most MPs are unaware of the critical decisions being prepared for our Armed Forces without their knowledge - and without your permission!

Chris Watkin
Acting Chairman: The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK.

Many thanks.

Best regards                                                                                  
Chris Watkin
Mobile: 07940 877465     


Rt. Hon. Gavin Williamson MP.
Ministry of Defence


Dated: November 6th 2017

Dear Minister of Defence,
Cabinet Office letter dated 26th May 2017.
Letter to Lt. Gen. Richard Nugee CBE dated 15th September 2016.

Please note there appears to be some confusion over the actual date of enclosure 1) but the content is the same.
Also please note a copy of this letter and contents dated 24th October 2017 was sent to Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP just before he resigned as Minister of Defence recently.

Ref Enclosure1.
Could you please provide the following information at your earliest convenience.
With reference to the Cabinet Office letter dated 26th May 2017.
Please provide information regarding the level of Notional Contributions paid by the Armed Forces Personnel serving prior to 1975 (In the form of Reduced Salaries) to cover the provision of Armed Forces Pensions and how this Notional Contribution was calculated for salary reduction purposes and how was it adjusted for changes in external factors e.g. Inflation?

Ref Enclosure 1.
With reference to introducing “Interchange rules” subsequent Governments had a “Duty of Care” in order to introduce them later. Please explain why they did not do so.

Ref Enclosure 1.
Where was the Armed Forces Pensions Management Department located?
Was the department staffed by Members of the Armed Forces or by Civil Servants? Please state how many of each are applicable.
What knowledge and experience of Pension Management Schemes did they have?
Did they have responsibility for establishing and updating Notional Contributions for Salary Adjustments over time?
What records of Notional Contributions adjustments were made?
How did they inform Members of the Armed Forces when they were entitled to an Occupational Pension and what records of payments were made in the same way as the Civil Service Occupational Pension Scheme Payments.
What was the name and rank of the last Head of the Department pre 1975?
Who did the H.O. Department report to?

Ref Enclosure 2.
Please provide an update for the state of our enquires forwarded to the M.O.D. by Caroline Dinenage M.P. as dated?

Urgent replies will be much appreciated Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely,

David Robson
Secretary General
The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK (CAFF UK)

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Contact Details Change

Please note that the previous contact details for Paul Rogers, Membership Secretary have changed

New Details:

Mobile No.                              07730008874

Home Landline No.                02392350869


 Paul has unsubscribed to ntworld and is unable to send or recieve emails through them, please resend any mail to the new address.


Special Notice

(Dated 1st November 2017)

The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK. Continues to seek a “Full time –

Independent” ex Member of the Armed Forces we can financially sponsor to
stand as a

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in a General Election.

The Federation monitors all aspects of Law and Finance as it affects all
ranks in the Armed

Forces in much the same way that the Police Federation represents
Members of the

Police Force.

Ideally candidates should have had at least ten years full time Armed
Forces experience

and perhaps Professional Qualifications in Finance and or Law and aged
30-40 years.

Applications should be in the first instance to:

David Robson

Secretary General


34 Raynes Road

Lee-on –the– Solent


PO13 9AL

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October 13th 2017


28th September 2017


In response to correspondence appearing in your columns recently, I would like to remind readers (and the MOD) of the Duty of Care and the Military Covenant understood in the relationship between the Nation and its Servicemen and Women.

The Nation should know that the MOD conveniently ignores aspects of this Covenant when it suits their purposes and MPs hide behind Civil Servants who make every attempt to avoid meeting the costs of that Covenant wherever they can. The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK ( has been fighting for the Pension Rights of pre-1975 leavers for fifteen years, all in vain. These service men and women were excluded from the nation-wide pension provisions made for all other civilian pension scheme members, because they were simply forgotten about in the Social Security Acts of 1975. As a result, soldiers of the Korean War, uprisings in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as Suez, left the forces after long service of up to 20 yrs and found that no pension provision had been allocated to them, when they became 65 in the 1990s.

The Military Covenant

Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices - including the ultimate sacrifice - in the service of the Nation. In putting the needs of the Nation and the Army before their own, they forego some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces.
In return, British soldiers must always be able to expect fair treatment, to be valued and respected as individuals, and that they (and their families) will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service.
In the same way the unique nature of military land operations means that the Army differs from all other institutions, and must be sustained and provided for accordingly by the Nation.
This mutual obligation forms the Military Covenant between the Nation, the Army and each individual soldier; an unbreakable common bond of identity, loyalty and responsibility which has sustained the Army throughout its history. It has perhaps its greatest manifestation in the annual commemoration of Armistice Day, when the Nation keeps covenant with those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in action.
Sir, you will understand why we find the contents of this Covenant so often laughable, and we ask the Nation to call their MPs to account over their dereliction of duty in providing the occupational pensions promised to the pre-1975 Leavers and who were forgotten in subsequent legislation.

Yours faithfully,

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October 10th 2017



Your Federation has built up a bank deposit account over the years which we expect to be using towards the cost of legal action, eventually.

Many of you will understand that holding this money in a bank deposit to accumulate interest is proving to be unrewarding.

Accordingly, your Executive has decided to explore other options and we should like your observations before proceeding further.

Please write to me directly, or telephone, before the end of October, to request the discussion paper.

Any thoughts you may have will be appreciated.

Chris Watkin
Acting Chairman
Tel: 07940 877465



September 21st 2017

“It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech
It is the Soldier, not the campus organiser, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate
It is the Soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag”
Father Dennis Edward O’Brien USMC

And the Sailor and the Airman.
Remember the “Few” – Battle of Britain: 15th September 1940.

Chris Watkin: Acting Chairman CAFF UK

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July 29th 2017



I am writing to draw your attention to the information contained ​in the update from the Secretary General - David Robson (below)​.

The fact that the Cabinet Office has recognised that our pay was abated to take account of the provisions made for our pensions is a major development. It is something which David has claimed was stated by Prime Minister Callaghan in Parliament, when he was in office, but which has never been recognised incorrespondence with the MOD.

It was also a key fact in the Hudson & Others v The MOD and the Treasury (2003) which was rejected in the judgement - their lordships admitting their decision was based on hearsay and belief.

This questionable judgement has always frustrated our efforts to secure benefits on your behalf, and the admission by the Cabinet Office now seriously undermines the reliance which the MOD has givento this judgement, hitherto.

As such, we should be extremely grateful to David and we are now able to consider our next steps with confidence.

Please continue with your support and remember to switch your subscriptions to £2.00 per month by Standing Order.(See Membership section on the right of this page and  "How to become a Member", part way down).

Chris Watkin - Acting Chairman.

July 7th 2017



Update and Treasurers Report 2017.

As Members will appreciate the recent General Election and Following fiasco over the consequences was enough to throw a “Spanner in the works” of the present Political situation. Even so there could be a Leadership Challenge to the Prime Minister who is also the First Lord of the Treasury of course, or even another General Election. In addition there are the initial complications of the “Brexit” negotiations to add further confusion if we submitted our Occupational Pension claims at present. If that was not enough there is now the present distraction of the “Grenville Towers Tragedy” for the Government to sort out.

This leads our Federation to the conclusion that any Report we submitted at present is unlikely to receive the substantial attention it demands. The good news is that we have a statement from the Cabinet office confirming that “Notional Adjustments” to pay levels were made for Occupational Pensions purposes during our service time. This confirms what Mr Callaghan stated in the early 1960’s as Minister of Defence that—Armed Forces Pay Levels had to be considered in relation to the Pensions they received! “We now have legal confirmation his statement was correct that pay levels in the Armed Forces were being abated. This was in order to provide Occupational Pensions on Retirement or Contributions re-invested when they left the Service. According to the Social Security and Pensions Act 1975. These contributions should have been refunded to the Employees in order to re-invest in alternative Occupational Schemes if they so wished, or the Occupational Pension Schemes of any new employers.

Treasurers Report for 2017.

Our Current Account is with the Santander Account which does not attract “Interest” on deposits but our Savings Account with Barclays Bank does. It was therefore decided during the year to transfer £9000 from the Santander Account to the Barclays Savings Account instead. This has now left us with some £5000 in our Santander current account in order to cover any ongoing expenses likely to arise as in previous years.

Otherwise Our finances remain the same as last year less expenses. Members who may wish to receive copies of the accounts may do so as usual by request to the Secretary General quoting your Membership number.

The submission of Our final Occupational Pensions claims which is ongoing still will go ahead once the present Political situation is clarified. This will delay matter now until the Autumn at least judging by the present progress.

Our many thanks to Our Membership for your continued support in the meantime.
With kind regards to one and all.

David Robson,

Secretary General CAFF UK

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25 May 2017

I think the reason why the Armed Forces Pensions were not subject to the 1973 and 1975 Pensions Acts was as follows. The 1973 Act set up an Occupational Pensions Board to ensure all Pensions Scheme Managers introduced the requirements of the Acts by 1975. However the 1975 Pensions Board either didn't know the Armed Forces Pensions Department didn't have a Management Scheme which was a possibility would you believe, despite the abatement to incomes to provide them of course. Or the rules were if you don’t serve for at least 22 years (16 for Officers) otherwise you don’t get an Occupational Pension anyway. Instead of introducing an Armed Forces Occupational Management Scheme the 1973 board more than likely took the “Yes Prime Minister” approach of deciding—Well the Armed Forces don’t have a Management Scheme so we don’t have to both with ensuring they are protected by the 1973 and 1975 Acts! Problem Solved! For the benefits of Federations Members this matter will be covered in my overall report to the new Government after the June 8th General Election of course. This should be available by the middle of July 2017 at the latest.

David Robson,

Secretary General of the Combined Armed Forces Federation CAFF UK

22 May 2017



Members will be aware that the Annual General Meeting is due to take place.

Unfortunately, it is now longer possible for the Secretary General and Treasurer to travel to London, although he continues to work hard on your behalf.​

I am pleased to say that those Reports, together with my Report, will be to hand shortly and, accordingly, the information will be posted on this website, as well as being emailed to you separately.

Please advise if you have changed your email address. Send changes to: Paul Rogers - , Membership Secretary:

Separate correspondence will be sent to those of you who still rely upon traditional postal methods.

As Acting Chairman, I am prepared to meet Members in London, should they find this arrangement unsatisfactory, so long as at least six of you expect to attend.

In the meantime, nominations for any of the official posts are welcome. Those posts are: Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Executive Committee Member

I hope this is helpful.

Chris Watkin
Acting Chairman


Best regards

Chris Watkin
Mobile: 07940 877465

27 April 2017


General Election June 8th 2017.

The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK has decided to financially sponsor an Independent full time suitably qualified and experienced Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the General Election on June 8th 2017.

Proposed by– Chris Watkins– Acting Chairman
Seconded by– David Robson– Secretary General

Ideally Candidates should be 30-40 years of age have at least ten years experience as a regular in the Armed Forces and possess Professional Qualifications in Politics, Accountancy or Law.

Serving personnel can usually obtain immediate release from the Armed Forces which is necessary. Applications including a full C.V. should be forwarded as soon as possible to-

David Robson
Secretary General
34 Raynes Road
PO13 9AL


Yours Sincerely


David Robson Secretary General CAFF UK


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4th April 2017

We need investment, not cuts, for the Armed Forces


Published Mar 31, 2017

UKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge has slammed a decision by politicians to force the Army to cut £10bn from the defence budget over the next decade calling it "irresponsible and illogical."

Mr Etheridge said the decision to make the Army and the Navy "scrap it out" for funding was "bad government" and "all of our Armed Forces should be properly funded."

"This failed policy of pushing the 'soft power' of foreign aid rather than hard power of a properly defended country is an irresponsible and illogical policy which has not worked so far and will continue to fail.

"Only this week there were rumours that our helicopter carrier HMS Ocean was being sold to Brazil: this is part of 3 Commando brigade which are one of our two brigades who can rapidly deploy to theatre. Are we only going to be left with one?

"Instead of hiding behind this bureaucratic shield that the government are meeting the NATO targets of 2% of GDP we need urgent investment in the military, which the Army's own think tank concluded would be unable to withstand an attack from Russia for longer than an afternoon.

The report by the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research based at Sandhurst concluded that the UK would be unable to deploy more than a brigade of between 5000 to 10000 troops following the consistent cuts faced by the Armed Forces.

"The government needs to stop blaming Brexit, stop blaming the value of sterling and stop obsessing about ring fencing our foreign aid budget and realise that they need to end this policy of attacking our own defences," Mr Etheridge added.

"The Annual Budget Cycle for 2017 should never have been turned into a fight between the Army and the Navy over who gets funding and I am glad that following last week's briefing, some top brass have finally spoken out.

"Personally I think the cuts that need making are in the political division of the Ministry of Defence: Sir Michael Fallon appears happy to allow his department to take the brunt of the cuts in public spending whilst other departments remain bloated.

"He is not fit for purpose and he should go before he consigns our military to the same fate."

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8th March 2017


Colin Hennem
Pensions Technical Manager
Civil Service Pensions
Cabinet Office
Priestly House
Priestly Road
RG24 9NW

9th March 2017

Dear Colin Hennem,
Government Embezzlement and Misappropriation
of Armed Forces Occupational Pensions Entitlements Pre and Post 1975.

1. Extract PRO 58/88 (Public Records Office) File July 1956, File number CD/36 (N497) Title, Records Administration, Defence Ministry.
2. Letter dated 13th September 1956– Grigg Report on Departmental Records Reference Mr FT Williams Liaison Inspecting Officer for the above Report.

Thank you for your letter dated 9th February 2017 in response to our letter to the Chancellor dated September 2016 to RT. Hon. P Hammond MP.

Our Federation did anticipate we might receive a Civil Service reply to what is an essentially Political question as you will no doubt have noticed.

A similar letter and enclosures were also forwarded to the Prime Minister RT Hon. J. May MP as First Lord of the Treasury. We have received no reply from the Prime Minister to date. A copy of this letter and enclosure will also be forwarded to her for information purposes

What the Prime Minister and her present Government can not deny is that the Government in 1958, following the publication of the Sir James Grigg Report it was decided that there was a requirement to provide parity and Equality for members of the Armed Forces regarding credit and access to Occupational Pensions years of Service when they subsequently became Civil Servants. The Armed Forces are entitled to include their years of Service in the Armed Forces, with those in the Civil Service for Superannuation Pensions purposes.

As you quite correctly point out in your letter’s second paragraph this requirement was never put into practice. More than likely because the Minister of Defence at the time, Mr John Profumo, was pre occupied with chasing prostitutes around Lord Astors swimming pool at Cliveden, Subsequently jumping into bed with them, and dealing with the political scandal which followed. No doubt these requirements were left gathering dust on his desk!

Possibly Dr Reginald Binnett MP for the Garrison Towns of Gosport and Fareham didn't notice these requirements because he was pre occupied as Commodore of the House of Commons Sailing Club. No doubt Sir Peter Viggers MP for Gosport later, didn't notice these requirements either because he was preoccupied with his personal Property Development plans for his ducks!

Since the Armed Forces and Civil service Pension Schemes were separate from one another there was a requirement for legislation to be brought forward to adjust the Civil Service Pensions Scheme to take account of the 1958 requirements. . As you point out this was never put into practice, for the above reasons no doubt. This does not mean the requirements of the Governments intentions to bring about their recommendations in 1958 are no longer applicable of course. Our Federation has been making protests about this deficit since the beginning of the 1990’s when we began to retire and before!

Since the 1990’s in particular subsequent Governments have used every conceivable bureaucratic and economic excuse in order to avoid and deny our total Pension rights as above. At the same time they have forked out billions of Pounds in Foreign Aid and on additional alternative Political adventures for their own re election benefits. For example “This Command is being further studied!”

We take issue with the last paragraph of your letter. There is no way our Pension claims as above can be regarded as retrospective in the Present and Past circumstances in view of the above. Additionally you refer to the public Service Pensions being at Taxpayers expenses. These Pension claims have been paid for by abatement's to incomes during service. All pensions Schemes, Insurance and Assurance, and Savings Schemes etc. must of necessity be subject to Actuary and Demographic variations. All premiums and incomes are adjusted accordingly.

Finally with reference to the copies of the enclosures at the beginning of this letter.

We are wondering whether you have, or are able to if not, obtain copies from the National Archives of any information passed by Mr F.T. Williams from the Records Administration Department to the Grigg Report on Departmental Records which is missing. We should be grateful for any copies or assistance with this matter if you can provide it for us please.

Thanking you for your kind attentions.

Yours Sincerely.

David Robson
Secretary General

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7th February 2017


Letter To Caroline Dinenage MP

Caroline Dinenage MP
House of Commons

February 7th 2017

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

Armed Forces Occupation Pensions entitlements Pre and Post 1975

I replied to your letter dated October 31st 2016 enclosing a copy of PRO 58/88 file title—Records Administration MOD, on November 10th 2016.

I have had no response from you or the Government and its Departments which have been contacted in the meantime. That is with the exception of a letter from you Dated 9th December 2016 with an update on the issue of “Assisted Dying”! This is especially disappointing since I pointed out that due to the present age of our members you were requested to bring these matters to the attention of the Government as a matter of the “Utmost Urgency”. Many of our Members are now in their late 70’s or early 80’s with still nothing to show for their service to this country!

It may be you have been indisposed since October 31st, as I haven’t noticed your appearance at Prime Minister’s Question Time on Television? If this is correct could you please advise me regarding what alternative arrangements MP’s have in place on such occasions.

It may be your Researches have been seeking the outcome of “Records” acquired by the liaison Officer referred to as a Mr E.T. Williams for the Grigg Report Detailed records Department as on the last page of your enclosure PRO 58/88 dated 13th September 1956.

These above Records should indicate and comply with the Records we requested from the MOD and Civil Service personnel Departments you kindly passed on for us recently. That is —-

Those dates and personal details of all Members of the Armed Forces. Royal Navy, Royal Airforce and Military who subsequently became Civil Servants following their Armed Forces Careers.

It may also be that the present Government Department for Work and Pensions, DWP, can also provide these details? In which case could you provide for me a Line Diagram of the present Management structure of the Pensions Department indicating their names and responsibilities please?

It has been noticeable to me regarding Prime Minister’s Questioned Time that despite the otherwise distractions of BREXIT and the other demands upon the Prime Minister at this point in time, that several questions have been raised regarding other non related Pensions Schemes which she has replied to.

Could you please confirm for the benefit of our Federation’s Members they have your assurance you will progress these matters with your utmost urgency.

We shall look forward to your earliest convenient reply.

Thanking you for your kind attention,

Yours Sincerely.

David Robson
Secretary General

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20th December 2016


Thank you for your continued membership and loyal support over recent years. Your patience is much appreciated, as we seek to challenge the intransigence of Government in our demand to recognise service pensions for pre-1975 Leavers.

You will appreciate the complicated correspondence which has appeared in these columns, but it is now come down to a simple question: What were the reasons for excluding service personnel from the provisions of the 1973 & 1975 Social, Security Acts?
It is a simple question, and requires an answer. There is no mention of excluding service personnel in the documentation – so, WHY were we excluded!? Every other form of employment was included, which provided for pre-1975 pensionable employment to be transferred to post-1975 pensionable employment. The Act applied to my own employment outside the services which brought my pension entitlement together, either side 1975, with the exception of my Army service.

We are totally in debt to David Robson, our Secretary General, who has been doggedly pursuing MPs, Secretaries of State, and the MOD over this issue. It has come down to this precise issue – “What were the stated reasons for excluding us?”. Of course, there weren’t any, and so we are looking forward to real progress in the coming year.

Thanks to minimal administrative costs, our financial position remains steady, but we do need you to ensure that you have transferred to the monthly £2 Standing Order payment method – this is an enormous help. Please contact me for further details if you are in any doubt, and do encourage any others you may know, to join us, too.

Meanwhile, it’s good to see that the injustice served on Sgt Blackman is being reviewed. Although I appreciate the legal niceties, one does wonder why the enemy cannot be shot in a conflict – it does tend to dissuade them from blowing up our guys!
I know that many of you may have been struggling with health issues this past year, and so I do hope that you are able to look forward to a brighter New Year ahead.

Happy Christmas!

Chris Watkin -
Acting Chairman: The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

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Caroline Dinenage MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

November 10th 2016

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

Misappropriation of Armed Forces Pensions Entitlements.

Thank you for your letter dated 31st October 2016 enclosing details od National Archive File PRO 58/88– Closed Until 1991 also for your letter dated 18th October 2016 enclosing copy of Command 545 and reference to National Archives– C1837415 prior to progressing further with the above.

The contents of the file would appear to us as solely of academic interest once again.
However what is of particular interest and significance to our Federation Members is the reference on the Title Sheet to “Closed until 1991”. It was at this particular time our Members began to retire and receive their Civil Service Pensions and start to Petition the Government to take into account the 1958 Governments requirements to include our Armed Forces years of Service together with our Civil Service Pensions.

I retired in 1996 which should have included and increased my overall Pension Entitlement by at least nine years service time in the Armed Forces from 1954 until 1963, for example. This was at a time when I was desperately trying to pay off my Household Mortgage to enable me to completely retire instead of having to continue working until I reached the age of 75. This is another reason why we are entitled to compensation.

From the information and Legislation related to the 1958 Governments requirements regarding this issue is it blatantly clear and obvious we are entitled to have our Armed Forces years added to our Civil Service Pensions. To date the Government is Misappropriating our Pension entitlements instead, and has been doing so now for the last 26 years!!

What is also relevant to this issue and conveniently overlooked by Politicians, and most people are the penalties and handicaps the wives and Children are subjected to when related to men and women serving in the Armed Forces. I know extremely well because my Father served 30 years in the Royal Navy.

We are now at a time when this prolonged injustice needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency and we are hoping you will now petition the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer to do so.
In spite of forwarding these details to both of the above by “Recorded Delivery” in September. I have had no acknowledgement or reply to date from either office.
We will look forward to your further progress with special interest.

Thanking you for your kind attention to date.

  Yours Sincerely

  David Robson Secretary General, The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

Armed Forces Covenant; Sunday Express Shield urges support for military families

Telegraph The Armed Forces Covenant

THE SUNDAY Express Shield Crusade( calls for recognition that 20 million people in this country are linked to the “Military Family” and all are affected in some way by the Armed Forces Covenant. We are calling on everyone to uphold the values it represents.

 By Major-General Sir Sebastian Roberts
    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Nov 13, 2016

The Armed Forces Covenant aims to protect and appreciate British troops

In February 2000 the British Army published a document explaining its ethical and moral basis, and the mutual responsibilities and duties of all individual soldiers and the nation they serve. It was entitled The Military Covenant.

“Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice, in the service of the nation. In putting the needs of the nation and the Army before their own, they forgo some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces.

"In return, British soldiers must be able always to expect fair treatment... and that they (and their families) will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service. In the same way, the Army must be sustained and provided for accordingly by the nation. This forms the Military Covenant between the nation, the Army and each soldier.”

As the author of those words, I am delighted that the Covenant has been embraced by successive governments and by a range of charities, businesses and local and public sector organisations. British soldiers must be able always to expect fair treatment At a time of remembrance, it is fitting to reaffirm the Covenant with real action. The Sunday Express Shield Crusade challenges everyone to reflect on how we honour our Covenant, by giving the military family all the support it needs.

Maj-Gen Sir Sebastian Roberts, late of the Irish Guards, is Chairman of The Military Mutual.

What the Sunday Express is urging for our brave men and women:

Creation of the post of Armed Forces Covenant Minister, under Cabinet Office control, tasked with ensuring that the needs of serving personnel, veterans and their families are met.
Troops to undergo confidential obligatory mental health and welfare screening before leaving the Armed Forces in order to detect problems early.Assurance troops will not be sent into battle with kit and equipment that does not meet operational requirements or safety standards.

Ministry of Defence compensation for troops to be “triple-locked” so that it keeps up with the cost of living.

The antimalarial drug Mefloquine (Lariam) to be shelved, except in the tiny percentage of individual cases where an alternative cannot be used. In those cases, each individual should see a medical practitioner to discuss the risks and benefits. A prescription for Mefloquine should be written only after informed consent is given.


Families of British troops should get all the support they deserve

Local authorities to honour spirit of the Armed Forces Covenant and ensure that there are places for short-notice transfers of military families to local schools.

The Ministry of Defence to appreciate the importance of keeping families of serving personnel together by ensuring the availability of service family accommodation at affordable rates.

All maintenance work to be carried out to its full conclusion in a timely fashion.

Members of the Armed Forces and their families to be able to obtain domestic insurance for their homes, cars and goods, without penalty.

Members of the Armed Forces and their families to have access to free pastoral care and better free access to mental health specialists.

Transitioning veterans and their families to have access to affordable home loans which keep up with regional housing markets.

War veterans and heroes should be looked after for their valuable service

Greater public appreciation of the economic and social contribution of the 20 million-strong Military Family, which comprises regulars, reservists and veterans from all branches, the Ministry of Defence and their families.

More support to be given to members of the Armed Forces, particularly infantry soldiers, to ensure that they are skilled for jobs after they leave.

Members of the Armed Forces to be given free and structured after-service care for 24 months after leaving the services.

A question identifying veterans to be inserted in the 2021 national census to help agencies and charities properly identify demographic pinch-points.

All commercial and financial services firms to consider and demonstrate annually how they cater for the unique needs and circumstances of military personnel transitioning into civilian life.

Posted by Chris Watkin - Acting Chairman:
  The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

COPY OF A LETTER SENT TO Express Newspapers:


On behalf of all my Members throughout the World, I want to thank you for the new Shield Campaign, supporting the recognition of the contributions made by all Armed Forces Personnel.
It is sorely needed, with reports of inadequate and faulty equipment, unending campaigns, poor family accommodation, as well as thousands of homeless and jobless ex military on our streets, to name but a few aspects. However, The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK (www, is also fighting for unpaid pensions for pre-1975 leavers.

Effectively, the MOD forgot to include these service men and women in the Social Security Acts of 1973 and 1975. As a result, all pensionable service of less than 21 years was simply "wiped clean from the slate". All other public servants were included in the legislation and so their service was carried over into their new employment.

Many of our Members were even made redundant on the eve of the Act! This is nothing short of a national disgrace - all endorsed by jobsworths in the MOD, and Members pf Parliament, the vast majority staying behind cosy desks, able to look forward to well-funded pensions, whilst pretending that they are serving their country.

Anyone who would like to know more are invited to contact us through our website.

The Express has a strong tradition, and a fine record, in its support of the Armed Forces and we wish them well with their new campaign.

Chris Watkin - Acting Chairman:
  The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

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CAFF to Caroline Dineage MP Letter 15th September 2016

Our suggestions regarding further progress of our Pension claims in order to progress them further are as follows

  1. Please forward our letters as enclosed and addressed to the MOD Civil Service and Armed Forces Personnel Departments as soon as possible with your compliments. These will establish in detail those ex Members of Armed Forces entitled to these Pensions who transferred to Civil Service employment.

  1. We respectfully suggest The Prime Minister should be petitioned to order an immediate urgent Public Independent Department or Committee to supervise and liaise as necessary with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Treasury, The Civil Service and Ministry of Defence Departments for the implementation and payments of these Pension entitlements as a matter of urgency. We respectfully suggest The Prime Minister should also be petitioned to appoint an Independent Chairman as necessary.

Your letter dated 2nd Aug 2016 quite correctly reflects some of the reasons, among many others, regarding the just causes of our claims to these Pension Entitlements required by the Government in 1958. For example the decision in the Hudson v’s MOD and Treasury vital evidence was withheld by the Plaintiff and Defendants. We therefore consider the decision in this case should be struck out. Following Sir James Grigg’s enquiry it is quite obvious and apparent the Government at that time was fully committed to requiring that the Armed Forces Pension Rights should be given parity and equality with both Public and Private Occupational Pension Schemes and the Civil Service Pension scheme in particular. This was also the case when the future proposed Management changes and regulations were to be introduced by the Social Security Act 1973 and the subsequent Social Security and Pensions Act 1975 later. These were required preservation rights which were to be introduced. Please note there is nothing in the Preambles to these Acts or the Contents which debars them from application to the Armed Forces Occupational Pension Scheme pre 1975 either.

Both the Civil Service and Armed Forces Pension Scheme pre 1975 were non Contributory. However the differences in financial terms and benefits between the two Schemes are quite different and considerable when considered side by side.

Every year of a Civil Servants career counted towards an Occupational pension and Gratuity on Retirement. A serviceman or woman was required to serve in the “Other Ranks” for at least Twenty Two years before they qualified for any pension or Gratuity at all! The only other financial assistance available to Service Personnel was a small resettlement grant if they left the service before having served for Twenty Two years! No wonder the 1958 Government decided to provide equality for the Armed Forces in terms of Occupational Pensions and Gratuities for their services.

For your information there are two copies of the Federation’s Review of the Pre 1975 Pensions situation held in the House of Commons Library you should be aware of entitled –

Now the Armed Forces expect every English Government to do its duty.”

Further copies can be obtained from myself if required.

A spurious claim was made by Ministers that our Pensions were no different from those of other Public departments and they were simply legacy matters. The Government has been unable to name them when requested to do so because from our Research we know there are none! We wish to know under who’s authority this claim was made?

We can demonstrate that Armed Forces Pre 1975 pay levels were subject to Actuary adjustments during Service. Hence Lord Callaghan’s comments when as Secretary of State for Defence in the early 1960’s when asked publicly why Armed Forces pay levels were so low compared with Civilian Pay levels stated.

Armed Forces Pay levels had to be considered in relation to the Pensions they receive!”

This means the Armed Forces were being required to subscribe indirectly to Pensions which later Governments had no intention of paying, unless of course they had already served for at least twenty two years! The number of schemes Governments devised Pre 1975 to ensure most service Men and Women were unable to serve for at least Twenty Two years are legend!

Now, Since many of our Federation Members are in their dotage we find our Pension entitlements are, and have been, for many years now, misappropriated by Governments and Politicians as a matter of economic convenience. This at a time when we are trying to find the money for Adjustable beds, Chairlifts and Mobility Scooters etc etc, in order to spend our last days in our own homes in dignity!

Our final comments for now are that if Doctor Reginald Bennett MP Conservative MP for Gosport and Fareham in the 1950’s had not been pre occupied as being Commodore of the House of Commons Sailing Club, and Sir Peter Viggers MP Conservative MP for Gosport in the 1970’s had not been pre occupied with personal property development, it should not have been necessary now after some Twenty Five years, for our Federation to seek an Honourable conclusion and receipts of our Pensions entitlements

We shall look forward to your comments on our response in relation to progress on these matters.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely
David Robson
Secretary General


Obiturary Notice

The Federation wishes to offer our Condolences to Mrs Elizabeth Jones of Bramhall Stockport, Cheshire,whose Father Norman F.G.Harris of Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire, deceased on 15th July this year aged 97. Our many thanks for his support.

David Robson

Secretary General


Important Membership report 2016

Please read this report in conjunction with the other reports from The Secretary General and the Treasurer. All these can be found on our web site.
Since the last report and only in the last few months has there been set in motion an audit of all the members currently listed with CAFFuk. As you can imagine this has taken a lot work to put into place. Also the feedback, initially, has been very good. The audit has two parts to it. The first part is to find out if the members listed are still aware of CAFFuk and the work that it does for them. They are then asked if they are still willing to keep up their membership. There have been several who have asked to cancel their membership. Unfortunately, there have been a few who are no longer with us. This is a great lost to all of us.
The second part is to encourage all active members to follow one type of payment method for their subs. This was to be, where possible, by standing order of £2 once a month. So far there has been a good response to this. New members who have joined since March of this year will have this as the only payment method. Any one pre this date and some overseas members will find that they will be asked to change to this over the course of the next couple of months.
If you believe you are a past member and want to re-activate your membership, or you wish to change your method of payment please contact me. My details are shown at the bottom of this report.
If you are considering joining then go to our web site, down load an application form and send to me. At the same time print off and fill in a standing order form to pass on to your bank.

Paul Rogers
100 Skipper Way
Lee on the Solent
PO13 9EZ
Tel No. 02392 367944
Mobile No. 07730008874

It may be that where Members were paying by cheques you have settled up recently and your subscriptions are not due again until sometime in 2017. This may mean you are delaying the return of your new Standing Order instructions until next year.
If this is the case please add the date next year to the Standing Order form when you wish to continue your Subscriptions and forward it to the membership Secretary “now” in order to complete our audit.

Thank you for your kind Attention.

Kind Regards

 David Robson

  Secretary General.


August 2016

Latest: Letter to David Robson from Carolyne Dinenage MP

A reply will be added in due course,

David Robson, CAFFUK

June 2016
Letter to Carolyne Dinenage MP

Caroline Dinenage MP House of Commons


  SW1A 0AA

   June 5th 2016

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

Thank you for your letter dated 22nd April 2016 enclosing a reply from Mark Lancaster TD MP regarding the whereabouts of Command 570 dated 18th April 2016. Your claim that the Command 570 has been thoroughly investigated is totally incorrect and your condolences are totally out of order. What has not been investigated is why the Armed Forces Pensions have not been adjusted to include the requirements of the Government in 1958 which approved the number of years they spent as service men and women being added to our Civil Service Pensions after leaving the Armed Forces. Also it has not escaped my attention and notice that I specifically requested you to bring these matters to the attention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister and you failed to do so.

In any case it is the outcome of any further studies referred to regarding these matters which are of specific importance. It would appear from the correspondence I have had with you on this subject that no attempt has been made to implement the approval of the requirement made by the Government in 1958 and it's the only matter which could possibly have any relevance to a further study. Our Federation has therefore every right and expectation to be treated with parity and equality with those employees serving this country in the comfort of the Civil Service for the equivalent number of years in the Armed Forces. We are not seeking Handouts like Bogus Asylum seekers or National Health Foreign Holiday Makers.

What this Federation is seeking and is fully entitled to is as follows:

1. The Immediate organisation and implementation of our adjusted Civil Service Pensions in accordance with the requirements made by the Government in 1958.
2. Back payments with interest from the time our Members qualified for payment of our Civil Service Pensions, including Gratuities attached to item 1 as above.
3. Compensation for lost financial opportunities since retirement as in 1 and 2 above.
4. Equivalent payments to the next of kin of the above where our Members have deceased since their retirement.
5. An apology to our Members for this long standing neglect by this and previous Governments of the above.

Since 1958, successive Governments including your own now, have chosen to ignore the requirements to adjust our Civil Service Pension entitlement in favour of your own Political Manifestos instead ! This is nothing less than a National Scandal. It amounts to contempt for our Members and the service they gave in the Armed Forces and also a gross misappropriation of Public Funds and Armed Forces Civil Service Pension entitlements.

With reference to your claim that we can be thoroughly assured the location of MOD Command 570 has been thoroughly investigated is incorrect. In a further attempt to employ surreptitious bureaucracy you will find it attached to command 545 as an addendum. Once again it refers to a further study for the third time.
Considering you are an MP for a long standing Garrison Constituency for the Armed Forces we are totally disappointed with your lack of support to date. We will send a copy of this letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister ourselves. The present situation also amounts to a blatant discrimination between Civil Servants and the Armed Forces. You and your Government are requested to resolve this long standing injustice once and for all forthwith !

Secretary General

 Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

  Yours Sincerely

   David Robson

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My apologies for the lack of information and progress since the last additions due to Medical check-ups, Hospital visits etc which I have to undergo each year. All is well to date thank goodness.

I have also been awaiting the outcome of the EU referendum since it can make a difference to the way forward with our claims. (See my comments later in this update)

My letter to Caroline Dinenage MP sets out one of the important corner stones of our Pensions Entitlements Review I am preparing. Since there are so many facets and complexities to our claims we have decided it may be advisable, once the review is completed to seek a Judicial Review rather than an application to the High Court instead. Some of these issues are as follows,

1. The 1973 Social Security Act created an Occupational Pension Schemes Supervisory Board with powers to ensure all Managers of such schemes introduced the necessary rules and regulations changes to their schemes to take account of future ‘Preservation’ requirements. These Preservation requirements were to be announced in the 1975 Social Security and Pensions Act to be announced subsequently.

The above Supervisory Board failed to take into account the Management of the Armed Forces Occupational Pension Scheme. We wish to know why this omission occurred and who was responsible for it? Did an AFOPS Management Board exist for example?

2. A letter from the Ministry of Defence dated 21st April 1976 states that it was possible for the Armed Forces to purchase added years towards their pensions but no means of taking into account credits for years already served. This letter also confirms abatements were made to the Armed Forces incomes for Pensionable purposes. How did these Schemes work? How were Payments made? How were they accounted for?

3. In the case of Hudson v the MOD and Treasury, the claim by Hudson that there had been abatement to Armed Forces Incomes during Service for Pensionable Purposes was rejected by the Court on the grounds of a claim by the MOD and Treasury that they had a (Firm Belief) there had been no abatement to incomes during service for pensionable purposes. This decision was subsequently upheld by three Appeal Court Judges. However this amounts to, Hearsay, Rumour or Innuendo. The letter in (2) above demonstrates there were abatements to Armed Forces Incomes and the Treasury and the MOD must have been aware of that. An explanation is therefore required as to why the High Court was able to come to this conclusion since this is obviously totally unacceptable evidence and the Judiciary needs to account for it.

4. In addition to the above, all Pension Schemes, together with Insurance and Assurance Schemes etc must of necessity be subjected to Actuary considerations in relation to variables in Age, Timescales, Interest Rates, VAT and Premiums etc. These factors would invariably have determined the final levels of Income the MOD and Treasury established for the Armed Forces. Similarly incomes would have been abated for Members of the Civil Service Superannuation Pension Scheme. This means our Federation needs an explanation as to why a Civil Servant’s Pensionable years of Service were counted in full for Civil Servants but not the Armed Forces personal years of Service? Since the Civil Service final Pensionable years also includes considerable gratuities and the Armed Forces years of Service only attract gratuities for Twelve (Sixteen for Officers) and Twenty two years for a full Pension. This situation represented a considerable unfair discrimination especially since our incomes would have been abated for pensionable purposes at the same time.

5. The above represents just some of the main issues that need to be addressed in our review. There are other important issues of course which need to be addressed but I think most of our Members will agree that a Judicial Revenue will be the best way forward.
Members are requested to make any comments they have on the above with details in writing please. You also need to let me know your comments on the Important Notice detailed on our Website including my letter to Caroline Dinenage MP.

6. The EU Referendum ‘Leave Result’
This has been an unfortunate distraction and will continue to be so for some considerable time until the Constitution of the New UK Government has settled down. Something we could have well done without at this particular point in time.

AGM and Reports

This 2016 AGM and Reports will unfortunately have to be postponed for the immediate future.

The overall situation is much the same as last year with slow progress being made in taking forward research for the Review.

The Secretary General and Treasurers Reports, Membership Secretary Report and Financial Statement will be promulgated as soon as possible.

A further Update to the present situation will be made as soon as time allows and any response from Caroline Dinenage MP will be put on the Website. I have been informed to date that Caroline Dinenage MP is investigating the contents of my letter and also the Prime Minister.

My best wishes to all our Members and Thank you for your continuing Support.

Yours Sincerely

 David Robson

  Secretary General of the Combined Armed Forces Federation (CAFFUK)

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June 21st 2016
The Oath!

Mike Hookem MEP

April 2016
EU Army spells the end of UK soverignty

UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has blasted EU plans revealed in the Financial Times to push ahead with the ultimate plan for an EU army saying, to lose control of our army to the EU would be the end of sovereignty in the UK.

Mr Hookem spoke out after the Financial Times published leaked documents that spelled out how the EU commission planned further integration of Europes armed forces to bring the patchwork of army's in Europe under one command, which has been drawn up at Germany's insistence.

EU Army - The secret is OUT!

May 03 2016

April 2016
Regarding a European Army

Colleagues will recall Nick Clegg saying, It's not going to happen. It doesn't matter whether Nigel Farage says it might happen or Jean-Claude Juncker says it might. He can't create a European army."

It now transpires that Article 42 of the EU Common Defence Policy will soon place our entire military capability under the control of Brussels. Article 42.2 commits the UK to a "progressive forming of a Common Defence Policy" and Article 42.3 commits the UK to "make our armed services available for the common defence and security" of the EU.

You know what to do on June 23rd and please tell the older generations who fought for our Freedom in times past to VOTE LEAVE

January 2016
Important Membership Notice

The Membership Secretary, Paul Rogers and I are carrying out a complete Audit of the total Membership for future reference purposes. This will require all Members to convert to paying subscriptions by Standing Order at £2 per month Arrangements immediately. We simply do not have the time and resources to keep up with all the different types of subscriptions. Where necessary Members will soon receive a copy of this letter. This will include a Standing Order form to be filled in with instructions for your bank as above.

This will require changes in the present subscription arrangements where necessary as follows:
1. For Members already subscribing £2 per month by Standing order no action is required and you will not receive a copy of this letter or a Standing Order Form. It will be on our website anyway.

2. For Members who were subscribing as in (1.) above but have suspended payment in the meantime please consider reinstalling your contributions as before in (1.) above.

3. For members who were contributing as (1.) above and have now deceased, please accept our apologies for requesting you to remind us once again by adding the name of the deceased Member and date of decease. This is important because we wish to give recognition to all Members who have supported us in the past.

4. The Members who are presently subscribing by Standing Order at £24 per annum please instruct your bank now to pay by £2 per month in future instead.

5. For Members who are subscribing by £24 cheque per annum please bring your present outstanding payments up to date by cheque. Subsequently arrange with your bank to pay by Standing Order at £2 per month instead please.

6. All Members are requested to action the above as necessary immediately so that we can conclude our audit and convert all contributions to Standing Orders of £2 per month soon as possible please.


Letters and Standing Orders forms are now in hand to be sent out to Members as necessary.

There has been some considerable delay in progress over the last Six Months due to Major Operations I have had to undergo with perhaps another possibly in the near future. Fortunately so far there has been recognisable improvement in the meantime.

Our thanks to our Chairman Chris Watkins for keeping you upto date in the meantime.

Please help us to help you by addressing the above changes immediately and many thanks for your continued support and co-operation.

At present I am awaiting important feedback from The House of Commons Research Library and my own M.P. Caroline Dinenage. This information could have a significant impact on our future negotiations.

Our best wishes to one and all during 2016.

Please return all Standing Order Forms to Paul Rogers, Membership Secretary CAFF UK immediately to:

100 Skipperway
Lee on the Solent
PO13 9EZ

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Rogers
David Robson

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Letter To Richard Ward House of Commons Research Library



Richard Ward

Research Officer

House of Commons

Research Library



January 15th 2016

  Dear Richard Ward,

Armed Forces Pensions Scheme Pre 1975

I am attempting to establish whether the above Pension Scheme was subject to Actuarial consideration when introduced? This was a non-contributory scheme and to date I have searched the various websites without success.

Most Pension Schemes, as with Life Insurance Schemes, are invariably adjusted for Actuary purposes in order to establish levels of Contribution or Premiums as you are in no doubt aware. It may be that The Armed Forces Pension Scheme was co-related to the Civil Service Pension Scheme which is also a non-contributory scheme, For Actuary purposes. Since as with every such scheme or otherwise, there is no such thing as a free lunch, variations in Actuary circumstances have to be taken into account.

In the early 1960's Mr James Collaghan, when Minister of Defence was asked why Service Pay levels were less than Private Pay levels stated: Service Pay Levels had to be considered in relation to the Pension they received.

In Hudson v the M.O.D. and Treasury 2003 the Treasury could only claim there was a Firm Belief that Service Pay had not been abated during time in the Armed Forces. Our Federation considers this amounted to rumour, hearsay or innuendo. A means of alternatively denying there had been an abatement for Actuary purposes. Since you have been very helpful to us in the past I am wondering if you could be helpful in this respect and also advise me of any charges involved?

Yours Sincerely

David Robson

 Secretary General


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