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The Federation has completed its Researched Report into the failure by this Government to recognise and pay the Occupational Pensions and Gratuities for the accrued years of service due to members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975. This is the only such Report in existence.

The Federation has established the total cost to the Government to satisfy the above, and has circulated its full Report to all Members of Parliament. It is most important therefore, that all ex members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975, including any present day widows of service personnel, are registered with the Federation to ensure inclusion in any settlement. Additionally, representations have been placed before the Prime Minister, and his Government, calling on him to address this injustice immediately.

Meanwhile our case is before London solicitors, experienced in the field of challenging HM Government over injustices relating to the Armed Forces. They are currently seeking further guidance from our Secretary General (December 2015) If you wish to register your accrued years of service towards an Occupational Pension, and Gratuity to be taken into account, please forward your details via the "Membership" section of this website. The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK (CAFF UK) is now the only organisation seeking reparations on behalf of pre-1975 leavers - your support and the support given by current members, on your behalf, is greatly appreciated

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UKIP Defence Spokesman furious at Veterans Pensions freeze

UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has reacted furiously to news that ministers are to freeze the pensions of 140,000 veterans and widows in 2016-2017 saying, “This move is an utter betrayal of everything the military covenant stands for.”

Former soldier, Mr Hookem continued, “despite all the guarantees of honouring the military covenant and the government’s spin during the recent SDSR of improving the lot of our armed forces, Cameron is leaving veterans and war widows out in the cold.”

“This pensions freeze is utterly two faced when you consider how only a few weeks ago, ministers were pushing to send our brave forces into action once again. It seems the while ministers are very quick to send our forces in to battle, they feel no need to repay their bravery and loyalty when veterans need the help.”

“While the Conservatives still like to paint themselves as the party of the armed forces, nothing could be further from the truth. It seems they are actual intent on continuing the trend of previous governments by ignoring the needs of veterans and war widows.”

“And we are not talking about a few pounds here. This will leave some seriously injured veterans up to £270 worse off. That could ensure that they get heating bills paid - and of course there's no freeze on those price rises.”

"War veterans aren't just 'pensioners' - they often have complex injuries. This is why UKIP values the military covenant and continues to push for the 2007 Command Paper to be properly enforced.”

"It’s an utter disgrace and I urge the government to quickly think again and apply the same “triple lock” that applies to state pensions.”

“This betrayal, following the Sgt Nolan case - who was sacked from the army a few days before he would qualify for a pension pay out - really highlights the true disregard the traditional political classes have for those who risk everything to defend our country

Published Dec 16, 2015

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Frederick Forsyth: Court martial that shames the courts
SOME of you may have seen in yesterday’s Daily Express the reports of the extraordinary turnout in Birmingham as the new defence for imprisoned Marine sergeant Alex Blackman was handed in to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

PUBLISHED: 22:16, Thu, Dec 17, 2015 | UPDATED: 22:36, Thu, Dec 17, 2015

Sergeant Alex Blackman's wife Claire during rally

The mood among the civilian public, the three Armed Forces and especially the Royal Marines seems to be overwhelmingly in favour of a thorough reconsideration of that incompetent shambles of a court martial that convicted him two years ago.

And yet there seems to be a very tiny corps of extremely senior officers doing all in their power to frustrate any chance of this case being looked at again. Why?

You’d think generals and admirals would be delighted if a man wrongly convicted could have his conviction reversed. Excellent for morale.

Only the Office of the Judge Advocate General would have egg all over its pompous face. And yet… Fifty years in journalism convince me the only reason is what it always is.

The “senior brass” are trying to cover something up. It is that Operation Herrick 14, put into action through the summer of 2011 in Helmand, Afghanistan, was a total failure (the Taliban are now completely in charge again.)

Add to that, 42 Commando was allowed to deteriorate so badly that its men were reeling with exhaustion, hardly able to stand and not fit to fight. When men are reduced to that, judgment goes and dreadful mistakes are made, which is exactly what happened on September 15, 2011.

Well, the CO of 42 Commando got the Distinguished Service Order and his boss was made Commandant of the Marine Corps and has now got the governorship of Gibraltar, a very cushy and lucrative billet. So that’s all right then.

Except that the damned scapegoat Sergeant Blackman could even be released and able to speak out at last. So, after weeks of struggle to get a fair trial for this one sergeant, the matter is back in the hands of the lawyers – this time those of the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Once again, as with all law processes, don’t hold your breath. They have seven lever-arch files to go through. But at least it is all there. Every flaw in that abysmal court martial in which the old and sacred pillar of British justice was junked: the concepts that a man is innocent until proven guilty; that he must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; that if there is doubt (and there were massive doubts in this case) the benefit of the doubt accrues to the defence.

All three were completely disregarded at Army Camp Bulford. Let us hope the CCRC restores them and pronounces the verdict thoroughly unsafe. The second hope is that this is what the CCRC recommends to their lordships who take the advice, reverse the verdict and order the jail doors to be opened.

Then a meticulous inquiry into that court martial should be ordered, because it was a scandal.Sergeant

Daily Express: 18/12/2015

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Greetings to CAFF UK Members across the World!

It’s amazing that there are so many of you spread around every corner of the world and, as a member myself, I am delighted that you are supporting my campaign to recover my service pension, just like my subscriptions are supporting your membership of the campaign.

Without us, no-one would have any hope of challenging Govn Departments and Civil Servants, who are finding every which way possible to duck their heads in the sand – hoping we will all go away! This attitude on behalf of the “Establishment” just confirms my resolve not to settle for anything less than full recognition of our claim.

Like many of you, I have been a Member for over 10yrs and we have all seen endless waste during that time. I will give you but one example: The Under Secretary of State for the NHS some 5+ years ago decided that it would be a good idea to put the whole population on a central database for the NHS.

That amounts to the records of 68 million people, now! But, have you ever seen your file in the NHS? Mine is too thick to carry with one hand but, wait a minute, that’s just for one Consultant! Not to boast, but I have three Consultants, and a local GP in four different locations. Can you imagine how long it would take to reconcile all that information in one central location – on a computer!

Oh! And EVERY day those records will need updating every time that there is another visit to the doctor, another letter written , another prescription issued................On and On and On and On...

Had they considered the purpose for all this activity, or the implications for the massive work demands? I guess not
Worst of all, the best reason I was given was that, should I be taken ill, some 300 miles from home, (in Devon, say), those treating me would be able to have access to all relevant medical history.

I pointed out that it would be possible to access my records with the current system, if I was visiting China - all enabled by phone calls, faxes and computer, as necessary and probably within a very short timescale.

He disagreed, of course, but then spent another £2miilion on Mgt Consultants to prove that I was wrong (it didn’t). Anticipated cost was originally £6Bn – Later extended to £8bn. Hence, my concern. Cost of Report to rebuff my claim = £2Million

Within 6 months the whole scheme was abandoned when the current costs had already risen to £4bn!! –Total waste. We might wonder at our legitimate claim in the light of the way in which Govn throws our money around!

Meanwhile we “soldier on” with the Solicitor and preparations for a case in the High Court – all progress frustrated by the procrastinations of the Civil Service and surprising difficulties in locating the evidence.

On that point, we believe that the original paper files (hard copy) are stored in a deep mine in the North West, along with most other archived Govn documents – probably a mile below my feet!

The Secretary General has been labouring under a number of health issues, this year, coupled with many medical delays, difficult appointments and serious heart problems. Much is now all behind him, and I give him great credit for fighting on for us, regardless.

Partially for these reasons, and for reason of the growing administrative burden, I agreed to the part-time appointment of a clerical assistant (Alana). She has proved to have been extremely helpful to David, not only from an administrative point of view, but also as a friend who has stood in for him with travel arrangements, amongst other things. The same thanks are also extended to Paul Rogers our part-time book-keeper who also covers for many additional duties.

Thanks too, to Jackie Willis who has been a great help in getting out the demanding task of direct mail to the many hundreds who have no email address. BTW: do keep us up to date with your email address – many of you change without letting us know.

Perhaps not surprisingly the Armed Forces Pension Group (AFPG) eventually closed their doors with a large bank balance which they decided to distribute amongst various charities. Unfortunately their leadership ignored our plea to ask their members to support CAFF UK – the only other organisation which was pursuing a legal challenge on behalf of their members. In fact, they became quite vociferous in their objection to me, even though all I had asked for was that they put the situation before their members, first.!

You will remember that AFPG went to Court in 2009 (?) – Crown v. Hudson et al. Much against our advice, since we believed that the issues they were presenting were the wrong ones. As anticipated, they were rebuffed, but worst of all, they missed the deadline for their Appeal to the European Courts. As such, their case was thrown out, because it was out of time – at enormous expense to AFPG whose solicitor was eventually charged with negligence, and with an order to allocate some compensation (although this was dimished on account of the fact that the solicitor had not got the required funds. Unfortunately, this decision is now on the statute books and is constantly quoted against us – all for the wrong reasons.

David is much encouraged by your continued support, but there are many of you who pay by annual cheque (£24.00), forgetting to renew, instead of the monthly D/D (£2.00). Do please ask us to transfer your subscription to the monthly Direct Debit which saves enormous administrative costs. I can arrange this for you – my contact details are below.

Govn attitudes towards the Armed Forces, and their inability to maintain their side of the Covenant, have recently been demonstrated again with the way in which they are tampering with the current pension arrangements for today’s serving personnel. Ministers openly accept that the implementation of the Review (AFPS 15 by the Labour Peer, Lord Hutton) was designed to save money!! (April 2015) –

“Non-contributory & defined benefit (but career average rather than final salary) scheme”.

Despite stating that the Armed Forces enjoy one of the best pension schemes (perhaps because Govn attacks – beginning with Gordon Brown) on all pensions have resulted in a huge reduction of pension provision across all sectors) this, seemingly innocuous comment, is a massive blow to any long-serving member of the AFPS. For example, my service began on £2.200 pa. On retirement with 37 years, my salary would have been at least £60,000pa. It’s not a simple calculation, of course, but instead of my pension being calculated on the old final salary scheme (£60,000pa), it would be based on the years of service pay at the various amounts over that time. A simple average pay, in this example would be £2,200 + £60,000 / 2 = a pension based on an average salary of £31,100pa !!

Perhaps the worst example of the poor treatment of service personnel, though, is the case of Marine Sergeant Alex Blackman (convicted by Court Martial some two years ago for shooting dead a member of the Taliban who had been intent upon shooting him, of course - see associated article) who deserves our utmost support. Sad to say that once again, it was announced today that the Govn is sending our lads and lassies into The Boob of Blair (Afghanistan).

Apologies for taking so long with this year’s summary of events, but I hope it demonstrates our best endeavours on your behalf. I trust that 2016 will be the year when we are able to see real progress in our claim.

With very best wishes to you and to all your family for this Christmas season and for the year to come.

Chris Watkin
Acting Chairman: CAFF UK
tel: 07940 877465.

22nd December 2015

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Six British ex-soldiers have been held in India for over 760 days. My partner Billy is one of them. Help me pressure the UK Government to get the boys home to their families for Christmas.


Chris --

In 2013 I started a petition after six British ex-soldiers, including my fiance Billy, were wrongly arrested and imprisoned by Indian authorities while working to protect ships from pirate attacks.

It breaks my heart to say that two years on they are still in India and the British Government has done almost nothing to get our boys back. That's why I'm asking you to support my petition to bring these men home for Christmas.

Billy used to serve in the Parachute Regiment, he was working hard to make money for his family after leaving the army. The Indian Government say their boat was in Indian waters and had illegal firearms onboard. But Advanfort, the US company they were working for, insists they had the correct paperwork for the equipment.

Since this started our boys have been held in an Indian jail, released on bail, had the charges against them squashed and had the case against them opened again. They're now facing another trial. The Government has their passports and papers -- they still can’t come home.

Today marks 760 days since this began, for all of us it feels like a nightmare that just won’t end.

I visited Billy in India and earlier this year, when it looked like this would finally all be over, we had a son together. Our son is 9 months old now and Billy still isn’t home. I can’t bare to celebrate our baby boy’s first Christmas without his dad.

The British Government is their only hope. These boys are ex-soldiers who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. They devoted their lives to their country and now they need our countries help.

Please sign my petition calling on the UK Government to step up and help us to bring these boys home to their families before Christmas.

Thank you,


Yvonne Machugh, Glasgow



Obituary Notice

It is with regret we announce the recent decease of Bryan Hyder Download the Eulogy here, one of our very earliest supporters. Our condolences go to his wife and family on behalf of the Federation. Bryan served in H.M. submariner for 15 years retiring in 1972. As a submariner how was he expected to know what changes and information was available to him regarding his Pension Rights just before 1975 we ask ? Did M.P.’s, The Treasury, The M.O.D. or the Top Brass care we wonder ? Thank you Bryan for the 15 years of care you demonstrated in helping to protect this country from foreign threats during the ‘Cold War’ years the Federation puts on record on your behalf.

Our condolences to the wives and families of all those who have also seen the decease of our Membership’s loved ones since we set out to seek justice for them in terms of Pension Rights. We also thank them for their financial support since the Federation was inaugurated in 2004.

David Robson

 Secretary General

  Combined Armed Forces Federation UK



A.G.M. 2015
Secretary General’s Report 26th August 2015


Our A.G.M. normally held in the Union Jack Club in London has been delayed for several reasons so apologies for the delay since the second week in May to all our Members.

Due to the ubiquitous nature and increasing age of our Membership population together with the difficulties we have regarding travel arrangements the Executive has also decided the Union Jack Club at Waterloo in London is no longer a suitable venue for our A.G.M. anyway. This leaves us with the quandary of what alternative arrangements we can make to suit everybody. The Internet ‘SKYPE’ system is a possible alternative but most of our Members are not on the internet or set up to use the SKYPE system anyway but it could be an alternative for those who are ? The best arrangement seems to be for Members to write in to me with any ‘Items’ they wish to discuss or raise with the Executive Committee and we could cover them with a subsequent report on our Web-site later. So please note this is the arrangement we have decided upon if you wish to seek answers to any particular queries this year. The Committee will try to consider any items as soon as possible.

Since UKIP was the only Political Party to mention giving support to the Armed Forces it was decided by the Executive Committee to seek a suitable candidate to stand locally (Gosport & Lee-on-the-Solent) as a PPC for the CAFF UK. As this decision was taken late in the day no suitable candidate was forthcoming so we decided to give local support to the UKIP PPC who in the event scored extremely well coming a very good second to the sitting MP. But for the present very unrepresentative voting system of first past the post, as you probably know, UKIP had much overall support but not one of the PPCs was successful in becoming an MP. Since the Labour and Conservative Parties are those most likely to lose seats in a truly representative voting system this situation is unlikely to change to Proportional Representation unfortunately. This is something I have been banging on about for years ! Anyway this effort in retrospect tied up far more of my time than imagined and turned out to be more expensive than anticipated. Also very time consuming has been the several attempts to download important information from the National Archives applicable to those of our Members who joined the Civil Service on leaving the Armed Forces and who are entitled to claim their Service Years as part of their Civil Service Pension. So much time was being spent on this difficulty I was obliged to seek the assistance of my local MP for a response we need from the MOD. Today I have had a letter from her to say she will forward the MOD response as soon as she gets it.

Additionally is the time I need to spend with the day to day demands of general administration, answering queries, paying the monthly expenses, receiving and paying cheques into our Account and recording receipts etc. etc.

Would Members please note once again to provide me with a Telephone Number which ‘Answers Calls’ or can leave a message when writing to me ! This saves me the time in having to write letters or send emails and also allows for discussions.

Apart from the above time consuming activities regarding my original and ongoing research I am undertaking, in order to present our best case, including the question of Widows Pensions some of which is on the Web-site, further research has revealed additional evidence of importance which has not been considered to date. Awaiting further support for it this could add considerable weight to our claims on the Government ! At present I cannot foresee how the Government can possibly avoid it ? So steady progress is being made but not as quickly as I and the Membership would like and I fully understand this.

Finally I hope you will continue your constant support to date despite the present delays. I am at present awaiting a reply from Lt. Commander David Marsh the ‘Forces Pension Society Membership Secretary’ regarding Widows Pension which will also go on the Web-site when I get it ?

Also a factor in delays is the time I have to expend attending Medical Consultants due to the overall problems I am facing at present. For this reason I am constantly keeping our Chairman Elect Chris Watkin, constantly updated regarding the progress I am making.

Apart from the additional financial interest being added to our ‘Savings account’, and general election costs, our finances, less these expenses, are much the same as last year. However see my Treasurers Report if you wish to write in and request a copy as usual, for this year’s A.G.M.

Don’t forget our web-site is accessible in most public libraries and hotels etc., etc., if you wish to keep up to date, so please don’t write and say you don’t know what is going on !

Our many thanks for your continuing support and remember “We will not be going away !”.

Sincerely and Best Wishes

David Robson

 Secretary General

  Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

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Members are once again requested to consider arranging a Standing Order with your banks to pay a £2 subscription fee per month to reduce our overhead costs and simplify the necessity to keep our Membership levels up to date. Application forms to do so can be downloaded from our Web-site: (Membership). Would Members also please note that when writing in to me please provide me with a telephone number which answers calls or can leave a message plus membership numbers. This also saves much administration time and costs. Also Memberships paying by £24 annual cheques should be received my March 1st each year at the latest as a reminder.

Our funds are slowly increasing mostly from the interest paid on our Savings Account now taken over by Barclays Bank.

Please note we have a new Web-site Manager as –

David Kendrick, 2 Ashgrove, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 1BW Telephone 01606-869755 and
Email –

On the advice of one of our Members we were advised that the Armed Forces Pension Group had decided to disband and distribute their remaining funds of something like £30,000 we understand, among various Charities which in itself we would normally applaud. However our Chairman has in the meantime endeavoured on our behalf to request them to refrain from doing so in order to give CAFF UK Membership support towards our application for Legal Aid and subsequent High Court action. This could prove to be a considerable asset when the time comes. Their initial response was that they would seek to get their own supporters approval to do so but later informed Chris Watkin they had refused. Subsequently it was revealed their Membership had not been consulted apparently and the present position appears to be open to question ? Hopefully perhaps they will finally decide to give us their support which will in the long run, at least, give their Membership the benefit of any outcome and satisfaction.

Over the past few months I have been endeavouring to establish the exact position regarding Widows Pension for Members of the Armed Forces with the Forces Pensions Society. I am presently awaiting a reply from their Pensions representative who appears to be on holiday. This is also an important issue for our Membership.

The fluid situation regarding the outcome of the May General Election and perceived popularity of UKIP prompted us to consider whether it might be worth sponsoring a PPC to represent CAFF UK ? Unfortunately no suitable Candidate was forth coming and the decision was taken by the Executive late in the day. Since UKIP was the only Political Party to offer support for the Armed Forces it was decided to give them our support instead. This tied up far more of my time than expected and proved to be far more expensive than anticipated.

Members are requested to forward any items for this Month’s AGM Agenda they might have in accordance with my Secretary General’s Report. Also if you wish to see a copy of our detailed Accounts please write in to request a copy from me as usual quoting your Membership Number.

In conclusion Many Thanks for your continued support which is so important especially now as we proceed to what is hoped to be a conclusion.

My Best Regards and those of the Executive Committee.

Yours sincerely;

 David Robson



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Appendium. Important Notice Paragraph 'C'

with reference to the above,

Would Members whose service years are related to Paragraph C please provide a "Typed Letter" including personnal details similar to the example shown below. Membership Number and Telephone contact number should also be included.


Joseph Peacock To Secretary General David Robson - (sic. purchasing Discharge and Pension Rights)



David Robson CAFFUK to Caroline Dineage MP on the 7th attempt to find MOD missing files

David Robson to Caroline Dineage MP on 7th attempt to access National Archives Re. MOD command 570 page 7, Item 12, 545, 675, 945 page 1

David Robson to Caroline Dineage MP on 7th attempt to access National Archives Re. MOD command 570 page 7, Item 12, 545, 675, 945 page 2

David Robson CAFFUK enquiry to National Archives ARK Records


As part of the Secretary General’s ongoing research, David Robson wishes to be made aware if any of our Members satisfy the following conditions of service as soon as possible !

  1. Any individuals who served before 1st April 1975, but who were not permitted

to count pre-1 April 1975 service towards their pension rights:

  1. A copy of a letter provided to Armed Forces personnel upon leaving service prior

to 1975: and referring to years of reckonable service for pensions purposes; and/or

  1. An individual who left service after 1973, but prior to 1 April 1975, that would have:

either remained in service, or returned to service, had they been aware that this

would have made then eligible for preserved pension rights.

The Secretary General is dealing with Part (b) as above.


  David Robson,

   Secretary General CAFF UK

:please note correction to sub paragraph (a) to correct date error.

Reply to Arch Kirkwood MP referencing Mrs Derham

Reply to Arch Kirkwood MP referencing Mrs Derham's War Widows Pension

Letter from Cmdr DTMarsh RN to Mr D G Robson CAFF(UK) 6th July 2015

Letter from Cmdr DTMarsh RN to Mr D G Robson CAFF(UK) 6th July 2015 page 1

Letter from Cmdr DTMarsh RN to Mr D G Robson CAFF(UK) 6th July 2015 page 2

Letter to Lt. Commander D. Marsh 24/06/2015

David Robson
Secretary General
34 Raynes Road
PO13 9AL

Telephone: 02392 552661

Lt. Commander D. Marsh
Pensions Secretary
Forces Pension Society
68 South Lambeth Road

June 24th 2015

 Dear David Marsh

Armed Forces Widow’s Pensions

Since I am a Member of the Armed Forces Pension Society, Mrs Margaret Derham has asked if I can seek your advice regarding a Widow’s Pension in relation to the details enclosed and the letter from Major General A.S.H. Irwin dated 21st May 1999 to Archy Kirkwood MP. Mrs Derham was married to Mr John Derham who died on September 28th 1998 after having served many years in the British Army.

Mrs Derham strongly objects to the contents of the letter sent to Archy Kirkwood MP and considers it to be grossly unfair and means she has been without a Widow’s Pension for the best part of 17 years.

Mr Derham had previously been divorced when she married him and many of her contempories who married a divorcee with Private Pension arrangements for the payment of a Widows Pension after a divorce, do receive a Pension after the deaths of their husbands.

Her reasons are that she considers the Governments Actuaries must have adjusted Mr Derham’s level of pay during his service to take account of all financial eventualities regarding future costs including any differences in ages between a first and second marriage after a divorce. Mrs Derham is now 75 years of age and his first wife is now 79 so in her case there is only 4 years difference. His first wife could well live much longer than herself eventually anyway. This means his actual years of service would have had no bearing on any Widow’s Pension paid to his first wife had he remained married to her.

The present rules and restrictions means that to date the Treasury has been saved 17 years of paying out on a Widow’s Pension to date and the only person who has incurred prohibitive costs has been Mrs Derham herself ! Additionally she considers the costs she incurred whilst nursing Mr Derham during his long illnesses prior to his death are also relevant.

Lord Callagham when asked as the Defence Minister on an “Any Questions” Radio Programme why service pay levels were so low compared with other national incomes in the early 1960’s replied – “Service pay levels had to be considered in relation to the Pensions they receive !” For Mrs Derham she considers that not only is she being treated unfairly but also with total contempt by a ‘Dog in the Manger’ Government. Would you please consider seeking a response and explanation from the present Government Minister and compensation for Mrs Derham.

According to the present “Armed Forces Covenant”, no individual should be disadvantaged for having served in the Armed Forces ! Mr Derham has been severely disadvantaged inasmuch he has been unable to leave a Widow’s Pension, he has indirectly paid for, to his legitimate wife. It would also be interesting to know what the rules are regarding the payment of a Widow’s Pension from an MP’s Pension Fund when they re-marry after a divorce ?

Yours sincerely

 David Robson

  Secretary General

   Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

Document can be downloaded from here :

Latest further update and letter from our Solicitors – Bindmans LLP

The Secretary General will reply to Bindmans letter and in particular to sub paragraph (b) separately.Members replying to sub paragraphs (a) and (c) should forward their replies to the Secretary General – David Robson, 34 Raynes Road, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire PO13 9AL by typed letter providing the following information as soon as possible please.

inc. Full name and Date of Birth

  1. CAFF UK Membership Number
  2. Service and Service Number
  3. Years served in the Armed Forces and exact dates
  4. Any MOD letter which states you were not permitted to count your pre 1st April 1975 years of Service towards your Pension Rights (Copies) if you can.
  5. Your circumstances in relation to sub paragraph (c)


Kind Regards 

    David Robson

6th June 2015



Latest Developments 12/05/2015

Jamie Potter
Bindmans LLP
236 Grays Inn Road
April 6th 2015

Dear Jamie Potter

Armed Forces Pensions

Please find enclosed copy of my letter to Katy Clarke M.P. and the Hansard write up of her debate she took part in in the House of Commons on March 16th 2015 recently.

I am making progress on the other matters regarding our application for Legal Aid in the meantime but taking longer than I had expected.

When the time comes I should like you to make a note of several of the important references she makes. Also those in my letter to her.

Yours sincerely
David Robson
Secretary General
Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

Download Original Document here

Jamie Potter
Bindmans LLP
236 Grays Inn Road

May 9th 2015
Dear Jamie Potter

Armed Forces Pensions

Thank you for your letter dated 16th April 2015. We will be lifting it onto our Web-site for the benefit of our Members. It will not be possible, without some difficulty, to inform all our Members regarding its contents but we will endeavour to contact the majority who are on the internet.

Please find enclosed the copy of the letter referred to under sub-para (b) of your letter which I have now managed to find, you have referred to.

I have noticed that to date you have placed much emphasis on the limits of the moral value of our claims and none, to date, in relation to the immoral claims of the MOD ? I refer in particular to the obfuscation and false pretences of the MOD. I will refer to it in more detail when I provide you with my final review of our comments. I’m sure I have pointed out before that Ken Dodd claimed he was not an Accountant. Similarly the Armed Forces, at least 99% of us, can claim we are not Pension Scheme Managers or Pension Fund Managers either ! Not only that, unlike the Civil Service, there has never been a Representative Body, until our Federation was created, to present the case for the ‘Other Ranks’ of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces Pay and Pensions Review Body is primarily a representative organisation for the benefit of the Governments and the MOD.

With reference to the MOD letter dated 21st April 1976 as enclosed. May I point out first of all, this was not information automatically passed on to us as it should have been. As you will note, it was only after an enquiry, made by myself I became aware of its contents ! Additionally it is not necessary for our Members to purchase added years as applicable to Civil Servants because our claim is in relation to years already served in the Armed Forces ! In any case this information should have been made known to employees individually, both Civil Servants and members of the Armed Forces. I appreciate that significant time has now passed. Also your offer to discuss matters further once I have completed my review.I shall look forward to doing so as soon as possible but I may be due for a heart by-pass operation in the meantime.

I trust this letter from the MOD will be of interest to you. Regarding the legislation giving Members of the Armed Forces the right to include their service years within the Civil Service Superannuation Pension Scheme on leaving the Armed Forces. I am pursuing this matter, without much success so far with the National Archives. It may be the enclosed letter is the information I am seeking from them ? It looks as though the National Archives are unable to provide an answer ?

Yours sincerely
David Robson
Secretary General
Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

Download Original Document here


Dennis Hutchings Army Veteran Charged with Murder


25/04/2015 Dennis Hutchins 73 year old British Army Veteran Charged with murder for shooting a man who ran away from an Army checkpoint

Important Information and Further Update (April 2015):

1. Letter to Katy Clarke MP

Letter to Katy Clarke MP part 1 4 th April 2015

Letter to Katie Clake MP part 2 4th April 2015

Letter to Katie Clarke MP 4th April 2015

2. Hansard Report of Westminster Debate - Veterans' Pensions (8 Pages)

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 1

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 2

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 3

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 4

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 5


House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 6

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 7

House Of Commons Official Report Parliamentary Debates by Hansard Monday 16th March 2015 Page 8

3. Letter to Bindman's Solicitors

letter to Jamie Potter Bindman Solicitors April 6th 2015




We have been told by the Armed Forces Pensions Group (AFPG) that they have decided that their approach to convince MPs of the need to address the pre-1975 pensions issue, has failed to make any progress. As such, they have decided to disband, and to dispose of their current funds.

As such, we are not surprised at these events, because we always believed that MPs would pay little attention to the morality of their failure to include the Armed Forces in the provisions of the 1973 & 1975 Social Security Acts, which appeared to be the basis of the AFPG challenge. CAFF UK has always approached the issue on a legal basis, and are still pursuing this approach with a firm belief that "RIGHT", is on our side. The Secretary General, and our chosen London Solicitors, are in regular discussions.

In this respect, we would again, like Members, in receipt of Benefits, to confirm their willingness to be included in a call for Legal Aid, and I should be grateful if you would kindly respond to me directly, in this respect (see email address, below). This will be a very important role you will be playing for the rest of your colleagues, across the World.  

We would also ask AFPG Members (as some of you are) to make an urgent call to their organisation, requesting that their surplus Funds be transferred to CAFF UK, so that we can continue to fight their cause, rather than distribute it to charities (although worthy) which have no particular interest in our complaint.

Meanwhile, we think that there may be an associated case which we can pursue in relation to those of you who were made redundant, just prior to their 21yr (Officers,16yrs) pensionable payments. We are particularly interested in those of you who were unwilling "retired" in the two years prior to their pensionable service, pre 1975, and who never received any credit for it.

Lastly, we have a new Webmaster (David K) who is working hard to revitalise the website, with the intention of including some interactive connections, such that we will be able to keep a more lively site for you - please let me have any comments, as things progress. Do continue to advise colleagues of our work and, where you are a joint member, do press AFPG to share their funds with CAFF UK.

Kindest regards and Many Thanks, from all of us, for your continued support.

Chris Watkin


On behalf of David Robson: Secretary General.

17th March 2015


Dear Members,

Please be reminded subscriptions and cheques for 2015 are due by middle of March at the very latest £24 each year. A necessity to build up our revenue to pay our solicitors. Also it helps us considerably if you could organise payments by standing order instead. Standing order forms can be downloaded here or by request from Paul Rogers, our membership secretary, or David Robson, the secretary general.

Yours Sincerely,

David Robson,

Secretary General and Treasurer CAFFUK

23rd Feb 2015

January 2015 Update

Please Click here to read an update from CAFFUK Secretary General David Robson.

23rd Feb 2015


Lest We Forget

Field of Poppies at the Tower of London


They shall not grow old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun,
and in the morning,
We will remember them

We will remember them.
When you go home,
tell them of us,
and say –
For your tomorrow,
we gave our day.


Correspondence with Bindmans Solicitors

To read the correspondence with Bindmans solictors who are representing CAFFUK in our High Court action, please make a selection from the drop down list below.

Bindmans LLP Web Site

HIGH COURT ACTION - Correspondence and Progress Reports

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Minutes and Reports

The Minutes and reports for this years AGM are available by clicking on the links below.

AGM Minutes AGM Apolgies Treasurers Report

    14th July 2014

    New Year Message from the Chairman


    I write this salutation as an acknowledgement of the role that you are playing in our organisation. Without each one of you, we would not have the resources to continue our campaign, nor would we be inspired to fight your cause, not least because we "know" so many of you, through our email contacts across the world, and feel the burden of standing by your side, in this unequal fight. But let us remind ourselves, in the approaching year of commemoration that, that's how it always has been, and those occasions, still in living memory, have so often turned in our favour. We think of the tremendous vision of the "Angels of Mons" which greatly encouraged our troops in the thick of WWI; we think of Montgomery's leadership at Alexandria, which began the turnaround in WWII; and Churchill's constant encouragement, holding fast to the belief that we would overcome.

    So it is, that we begin this new year ahead, with the greatest confidence yet, in our argument, having clarified the legal basis of our claim, with papers now before our Solicitors, prior to instruction to the Barristers. It's been a long hard road to reach this point and, no doubt, there will be many turns ahead. But we stand on the moral high ground, and we stand on the legal high ground. Our resolve must now hold fast, for the financial costs will be challenging, so we continue to be grateful for your support and would welcome others, whom you may know, to join us, in this last push for our victory.

    I would like to acknowledge the work of our Secretary General, who despite many setbacks in health, this last year, continues to uphold our cause and pursue the legal basis of our claim, on a daily basis. I would also like to acknowledge the stirling work of our Membership Secretary (Frank Rixon BEM), now in his 92nd year, who has had to step down and take things easier.
    On behalf of the Executive Committee, I wish you all the happiness, health and prosperity that you desire and deserve for the New Year!

    Chris Watkin,

    Chairman CAFFUK

    24th Jan 2014

    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - Proposed disbanding!

    The second battalion (2RRF) has been earmarked for disbanding.
    There is no logic to this, being fully recruited with a proud and successful history going back for over 300 yrs.
    It seems like a knee jerk reaction, without any foundation, except to satisfy some Treasury/MOD number crunching exercise - see here for a full explanation.
    A petition is going to Parliament on Tuesday 15th October and you are urged to sign it NOW here (along with others who want to support 2RRF), scan it, and send it back immediately to:
    Capt Joe Eastwood 2RRF

    10th Oct 2013

    High Court Action

    Please Click here to read a progress report from CAFFUK Chairman Chris Watkin. Click here to read the original letter to Bindmans Solicitors enquiring about the costs involved in taking action through the High Court with regards to paying Armed Forces Personnel, pre 1975, Occupational Pensions and Gratuities for their years of service to this country from 1950 onwards.

    Last Update 10th Sep 2013



    The proposed AGM for May 16th has had to be postponed due to unforseen circumstances.
    Meanwhile, I can assure Members that correspondence and negotiations continue to be pursued, and Reports will be posted on this site in the near future.
    Your continuing support is much appreciated.

    Chris Watkin,

    Chairman CAFFUK

    29th April 2013

    Letters to Her Majesty, The Queen

    A letter from the Queen has now been received in response to the letter fron the Secretary General dated 22nd April. This latest letter can be viewed here. Please click here to read the Secretary General's response to the reply from the Queen which can be read here. The letter from the Queen was in response to our letter to the Queen dated 5th November 2012. The letter to the Queen was sent in reply to the reply from the Ministry of Defence dated 20th September 2012. Enclosure 1 referred to in the letter to the Queen.

    Enclosure 2 is an extract from the Armed Forces Pension Scheme which on Page 4 specifically states:
    Parliamentary Command 945 is a prerogative instrument. The Scheme rules are set out in “Prerogative Instruments” that derive their authority from Her Majesty The Queen and are not subject to the approval, annulment or amendment by Parliament. For the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines the Prerogative Instrument is an Order in Council under the Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act 1865. For the Army it is the Army Pension Warrant 1977 and for the Royal Air Force, the Queen’s Regulations.

    Enclosure 3 (Extracts from the Social Security Act 1973 Section 38 Schedule 16 states:)
    Schedule 16 specifically includes under the 1973 Act service before the appointed day i.e. April 5th 1975.

    With reference to Enclosure 4 (Extract from Social Security Pensions Act 1975 Chapter 60)
    The preamble to this Act specifically refers to making provision for securing that men and women are afforded equal access to occupational pension schemes.

    Members will be kept updated as necessary when possible.
    The Prime Minister has once again re-iterated in public the importance of Justice and The Rule of Law!

    David Robson,

    Secretary General The Combined Armed Forces Federation

    With reference to to the correspondence below, a reply has now been received from the MOD which can be read here. David Robson has responded and you can view his comments here. Watch this space!

    Members will recall my letter to HM The Queen, (see next item) relating Parliamentary failure to respond to Prerogative Command 945, and to our request that she raises this with the Prime Minister at one of her regular meetings with him. The Prime Minister's office has eventually addressed the issue (read it here), by referring the question to the MOD. We shall be interested to see their reply.

    Chris Watkin,

    Chairman CAFFUK

    Click here and here to view letters received in response to an enquiry about why the Government had not acted upon the Queens Command which stated that: According to the Queen’s prerogative powers and rules in relation to Armed Forces Pay and Pensions Scheme provision, these powers, as set out in Parliamentary Commands’ are not subject to Parliamentary ‘approval’, ‘amendment’ or, ‘annulment’. Parliamentary Command 945 is therefore as relevant today as it ever was when given the Queen’s signature in April 1959. i.e. “Any serviceman when transferring to the Civil Service on leaving the Armed Forces is able to have their years of service in the Armed Forces counted towards the Principal Civil Service Superannuation Pension Scheme

    Last Update 20th May 2013


    We have been asked to to try to identify members of the ship's company (or their nearest surviving relatives) in order to prepare for an award ceremony, once the design and manufacture of this medal has been finalised.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Please write to:
    Chris Watkin,

    24th Feb 2013

    Soldiers March on Westminster

    Please Click here to read an article by Marc Nicol published in the Mail Online on 13th of October.

    22th Oct 2012

    Membership and Accounts

    Please Click here to read a letter from the Secretary General regarding membership subscriptions and here to read the Treasurers report for 2011-2012.

    24th Sep 2012

    Letter to Her Majesty, The Queen

    From: Chris Watkin, Chairman - email:
    Members will be aware that we continue to pursue the legality of our claim, and will be interested in my copy letter to Her Majesty, The Queen.
    We are receiving documentary evidence of your transfer to The Reserve and would urge Members to seek out their Papers/Record Books, from the time when their service was completed, sending copies directly to me. It's of interest to see that the Secretary of State for Defence announced his intention, today, to put The Reserve on permanent standby, serving to demonstrate the renewed importance of this aspect of our Service.

    9th June 2012

    Jubilee Medals

    For those interested re the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for all ranks serving since 1952 – See Please note that only service personnel who were serving on the 6th Feb 2012 and had served 5 years on that date are eligible.

    Updated 23rd Aug 2012

    Royal British Legion Motion

    Members will be delighted to note that delegates at the May Conference of The Royal British Legion passed the following Motion:

    "Delegates AGREED to urge the RBS to approach HM Govn to grant pension rights for regular service personnel who were discharged before 5th April 1975. It was felt that the majority will now be OAPs."

    This is great news, but you will be aware that CAFF UK has already completed detailed research on this issue, and we are now in contact with the RBS with a view to appraising them of all the issues involved, in order to save them tracking over the same ground.
    Please contact me directly, if you are also a member of The Royal British Legion.
    Chris Watkin: Chairman - Tel: 07940 877465

    17th July 2012

    Letter ref Veterans Fight on for Pensions

    Click here, to read a letter from the Secretary General CAFF UK which you may wish to use as a template.

    17th July 2012

    Army Cuts Anger

    From the Chairman: Yet another kick in the teeth for our boys. When will these politicians remember that their first duty is the defence of the realm? Click here, to read local MEP Paul Nuttall's reaction to the latest Army cuts.

    17th July 2012

    Doctors V Soldiers Pensions

    From: The Chairman:

    Members will have reflected upon further examples of the MOD reneging upon yet more promises, with the cessation of immediate pension rights to serving personnel, apart from the heinous attitude towards The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (The Duke's) - no doubt to appease the French! See my letter on these, and related topics here, and feel free to use the content in your own letters to the Press.

    Meanwhile, many thanks to all those who have been forwarding copies of their Service Record - you can continue to do this through the address details of the Chairman in the About Us section.

    17th July 2012


    We are renewing our Legal Challenge, and are currently seeking Members who are on Benefits and who do not own their own home. This is a very important stage in our search for justice.. Any Members who fit this description will be a real help to their comrades.

    Please write to the Chairman: or telephone: 07940 877465

    9th June 2012

    Retirement Papers

    Following our request, I have just started to receive copies of Army Papers and Army Record Books, showing Certificates of Transfer to the Reserve, and giving total service, including the Reserve.

    This is very helpful, and is exactly what we are looking for. Please continue to look out your old papers!

    Chris Watkin,

    Chairman: The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK

    9th June 2012

    Can You Help?


  • VERY IMPORTANT: We need copies of any retirement papers you hold, particularly those referring to "The Reserve". We need a new Treasurer and an Assistant Membership Secretary (both home-based) Significant Honoraria are available, together with all expenses. Do you live abroad? Are there any local papers read by expats and which may be interested to promote our case? Can you recommend a Legal Journalist?
  • Do you live abroad and are receiving a frozen State Pension - we may be able to help

If you can help with any of the above, please e-mail the chairman at

26th May 2012

Asbestos and Mesothelioma

The Mesothelioma Resource Online has requested permission to advertise their services on our website, since approximately 30% of those diagnosed with this lethal form of cancer had served in the Armed Forces.

Their website (, is an excellent resource to learn about Asbestos in the military and the various treatments available. Recommended

26th May 2012

AGM Minutes: AGM 2012

The minutes of the CAFF UK 2012 AGM held on Thursday 17th May 2012 can be viewed and downloaded here

26th May 2012

Letter to the Forces Pension Society

We have had a negative response to my letter to the Forces Pension Society in relation to their ‘Fixed Fee’ offer to resolve our Pension dispute. It would appear they fail to appreciate the anger, injustice and discrimination these matters have created for our Members. Our efforts to seek legal resolutions are continuing elsewhere. Please keep up your financial and moral support for which we are all grateful.

David Robson,

Secretary General CAFF UK.

Click here to read the Secretary General's letter to the Forces Pension Society regarding their questionnaire and services.

Updated 17th March 2012

29th November 2011

Following the decisions taken at the last AGM, your Chairman and Secretary General have undertaken considerable correspondence with a Solicitor and a Barrister, both being experienced in High Court matters.

This culminated in a meeting in their offices in Manchester on the 29th November.

The Lawyers accepted that your representatives had put forward a cogent argument with a sound moral and factual base, upon which a case could be considered for the High Court. In other words, it was not necessarily sufficient to claim a Miscarriage of Justice outside demonstrating a relevant legal breach.

Overall this meant our discussions were inconclusive

As Prime Minister Tony Blair said about reform of the House of Lords --- “If you put half a dozen Lawyers in a room together you could never get them to agree to anything !”
Our Membership can rest assured we intend to pursue these Legal matters, further in the New Year, in accordance with the decisions taken at the last AGM so please keep up your much appreciated support.

Finally a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to one and all in 2012!

Kind Regards;

Chris Watkin -- Chairman
David Robson -- Secretary General

23rd December 2011

Video Conference

Apologies for the lack of information recently due to difficulties setting up a Video Conference with Chairman Chris Watkin and Counsel. We are now hoping to have our Conference to discuss Counsels Opinion and remaining issues on Tuesday next 29th November.

We hope to add our conclusions to the Web-site as soon as possible afterwards.


Secretary General: CAFF UK

25th November 2011

CAFF UK Subscriptions

Please continue your support for CAFF UK. Click here to read a letter from the Secretary General David Robson explaining why it is so important that members continue paying subscriptions so that we can carry on our fight for justice.

15th September 2011

Correspondence with Mike Hancock MP and Nick Clegg MP


Correspondence with Mike Hancock MP and Nick Clegg MP

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Last Update 22nd October 2011

Correspondence with Paul Blomfield MP


Correspondence with Paul Blomfield MP

Select an Item from the drop down list and then press 'Go'

Last Update 12th September 2011


The 2011 CAFF UK AGM was held on the 19th May at the Union Jack Club in London. click here to read and print the Agenda and click here to read the Secretary General's AGM report. To read the minutes of the meeting then please click here

Updated 18th July 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel??

Please click here to read the Secretary General's preamble to encouraging correspondence received by one of our members from Mike Hancock CBE MP. The letters from Mike Hancock can be accessed here.

(Update 11/5/11) Since the above correspondence a further letter has been received from Mike Hancock. Click here to read the letter and preamble form the Secretary General CAFFUK, David Robson.

1st May 2011
Updated 11th May 2011

Correspondence with Caroline Dinenage MP


Correspondence with Caroline Dinenage MP

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Last Update 2nd June 2011

February 2011 Update

Please click here to read the Secretary General's February 2011 update.

28th February 2011

December 2010 Update

Please click here to read the Secretary General's December 2010 update.

13th December 2010

Further Correspondence

Please click here to read a follow-up letter sent by the Secretary General CAFFUK to Caroline Dinenage MP. Two other letters are referred to in that letter, a letter to the Chief Executive, which can be viewed here and a letter to Mr Glenn Duggan which can be viewed here.
Click here to read the reply from Caroline Dinenage.

4th December 2010
Updated 12th Dec 2010

Latest Correspondence

Please click here to read the recent letter sent by the Secretary General CAFFUK to Caroline Dinenage MP. The previous letter to John Thurso referenced in the letter to Caroline Dinenage can be viewed here.

24th November 2010

Progress Report October 2010

Please click here to read a progress report from the Secretary General CAFFUK. This report references an article which can also be viewed or downloaded here.

11th October 2010

Message from the Secretary General..Please write to your MP!

I am hoping to put an article in the House of Commons Magazine drawing their attention to our Legal claims to Occupational Pensions for time served in the Armed Forces in next month’s issue. This is a Magazine which keeps MPs up to speed with what is going on in Parliament. When you do write remember to draw their attention to the fact that there are two copies of our Researched Report in the House of Commons Library.
Keep in touch with the Web-site in the meantime and please keep up your support at this critical time.
Please click here to download my suggested letter, fill in the name of your MP above the address, add the date, address it to the MP then add your signature at the end. Don’t forget to add your own Name and Address in the top right hand corner! If you do not know the name of your MP or you think it might have changed since the recent General Election you can find out by ringing the House of Commons and asking them – 02072-193000.
(Upadate November 2010) For additional input to your letter or meeting with your MP please click here I hope this helps.

David Robson,

Sec. Gen. CAFF UK.

p.s. please forward copies of any particularly interesting or positive replies to the Secretary General.

9th June 2010
Updated 19th July 2010 and 24th November 2010

Membership Correspondence June 2010

To read a copy of the recent letter sent out to members regarding AGM and membership items click here.

20th June 2010

2010 AGM Minutes

To read the minutes of the 2010 A.G.M. click here.

8th June 2010

Secretary General's Report Apr 2010

To read the Secretary General's report prior to the 2010 A.G.M. click here.

8th April 2010

Recent Correspondence

To read a letter sent from the Secretary General CAFF(UK) to John Thurso M.P. click here.
Click on the icons to read previous Letters sent to John Thurso from the Ministry of Defence and Cabinet Office .

Updated 14th April 2010

Notice of A.G.M.

The 7th A.G.M. of CAFF(UK) will take place on the 13th of May at the Union Jack Club in London. To view and print the full Agenda click here.

8th April 2010


If you are already a member of CAFF(UK) then there is no need to re-register as your membership will automatically be renewed annually.

7th April 2010

Extracts from The Combined Armed Forces Federation’s Researched Report


We are now in the process of preparing an application to present to the ‘Pensions Ombudsman’ based upon the Researched Report and responses to it from questions we have put to the Ministry of Defence to date. We have also put the same questions to ‘The Cabinet Office’ which is responsible for the payment of Civil Service Pensions. These were forwarded in December 2009 on the advice of the Ministry of Defence. However due to the long delays in receiving Government Department responses we have encountered (The Ministry of Defence took 6 months and then failed to address all the questions applicable to it!) we will forward the application to the Pensions Ombudsman as soon as we are able pointing out any further delays from the latter should this become necessary.

John Thurso MP has also requested Mike Hancock MP and Richard Younger-Ross MP (Liberal Democrats) to arrange a possible interview for us with the ‘Defence Select Committee'. In case you don’t know Government Select Committees have the ability to gather information from any source and call people to account including Government Ministers.

In the next few weeks in the run up to the coming general election I will be writing once again to the leaders of all three political parties to remind them that before they start setting out their ‘financial giveaways’ for their own supporters and agendas, that this, and any future Administration, has a Parliamentary and Statutory Duty to pay occupational Pensions and Gratuities to ex Regular Members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975, together with back pay and compensation as required by law. Now that this Government has been able to find the means of bailing out ‘criminally irresponsible’ bankers and also the money to pay their outrageous Pensions, they cannot at the same time claim our Pensions are ‘simply unaffordable’! (Funny – I thought criminals were no longer able to profit from their crimes??)

Additionally I will be placing copies of letters on the Web-site you can download and send to your own MP’s asking them what support they intend to give to our legitimate demands? It is vitally important you do this when the time comes which will hopefully be by the end of February at the latest.

Keep in mind copies of our complete Researched Report remains available to our Members at half price at £12.50 which includes postage. What follows are extracts of some of the main issues and background information. Hopefully this will make up for some lack of information to date and assure you this issue is receiving my continuous thorough attention. Our Executive Committee is to have a strategy meeting in the next couple of weeks.

  • To view some extracts from the report to give you an idea of the contents, please click here. To view an addendum to the report please click here.
  • To view the report cover, please click here.

Compliments of the season to all our Membership and their families.


Secretary General: CAFF UK

27th January 2010

MP Update

I have now received confirmation from John Thurso MP that our Questions we wish to put to the Cabinet Office and Liam Byrne MP have now been forwarded. On receipt of the replies we get we will be in a position to make an Application to the Pensions Ombudsman. Extracts from our Researched Report will also be added to the Web-site shortly after a meeting with the Executive Committee later this month.


Secretary General: CAFF UK

16th January 2010


I am sure many Members will be interested to know how things are progressing and why there has been no update, of late.

First of all, Members will be pleased to know that things have been progressing.

Secondly the main driver for the work is the Secretary General who is responsible for updates on the website. Understandably, he has had to devote a great deal of time in correspondence with MPs, the MOD and the Cabinet Office. It will not be news to hear that all these people are extremely slow in replying, necessitating repeat correspondence and repeat follow-ups.

In addition, there has been a lot of legal activity, challenging a group whom we believe have "trespassed" on our organisational name. This has been seen as an important challenge but, because of the sensitivities of all parties involved, information cannot be published on the website, at this stage.
The Secretary General, with the support of your Executive Committee also believe that, although the case for the payment of pensions remains robust, the prevarication by MPs, Ministers and the Civil Service, is no longer acceptable and, as such, he has been preparing a direct legal challenge which the Government will have to answer in due course. Again, it would be inappropriate to give Ministers advance notice of our intentions by publishing information on the website.

I trust that this gives Members some re-assurance.

For some time, we have been aware of the need for updates, but one of our biggest problems has been that none of the Membership has ever responded to our request to undertake this role.

The Executive Committee are aware of the problem, and will seek to advise the Membership as soon as any developments of note can be reported on this website. Meanwhile, we appreciate your continued support and express our Best Wishes for 2010.


Chairman: CAFF UK

16th January 2010

AGM & Pension Claim Update

click here to read and print the Agenda and Minutes of the AGM held on the 7th of May 2009. An update re our Pension claim should be added shortly once we have received replies from MPs making enquiries on our behalf. Apologies for the delay in being able to issue an update.

updated 11th June 2009


Currently we do not have members in the Canary Islands or Portugal. If you live there and want to support our campaign, or know anyone living there who may be able to spread the word then please contact the membership secretary.

3rd January 2008


Veterans Badge

A veterans badge has recently been issued to promote recognition of veterans of our Armed Forces by the wider British public. For those members interested in obtaining the badge Click here for more
          information (click here for more details) , you can download an order form Click here to display or print the
          an application form for the Veterand Badge - Word Document here.

19th July 2008

Honour the Covenant Campaign

Many of our members will be interested in the Royal British Legion's "Honour the Covenant Campaign". To find out more then click on the globe British Legion Web Site or go to The Royal British Legion web site from the Links page.

27th June 2008

IMPORTANT NOTICE - December 2007

The Federation is now in the final stages of completing its Researched Report into the failure by this Government to recognise and pay the Occupational Pensions and Gratuities for the accrued years of service due to members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975.

At present the Federation is attempting to establish the total cost to the Government to satisfy the above and we need to do so by January 31st, 2008 at the latest, when the Report will be ready for Publication.It is most important therefore that all ex members of the Armed Forces serving prior to 1975, including any present day widows of service personnel are represented for consideration by our Membership on presentation.A copy of the Report will be submitted to all Members of Parliament and predominant sectors of the media immediately following Publication. Additionally a full copy of our Membership List will be submitted to the Prime Minister and his Government calling on him to address this injustice immediately.

If you wish to register your accrued years of service towards an Occupational Pension and Gratuity to be taken into account please forward your details to the Membership Secretary in writing at the earliest opportunity and no later than January 31st, 2008. See also the Federations Membership File on this Web-site.

An Update from the CAFF UK Chairman

Please click here for a brief Christmas update from the Chairman Chris Watkin.

23rd December 2007

Petition for Equality in Services Pensions!

A petition has been produced by the Armed Forces Pension Group(AFPG) and Colin Challen M.P. to further our campaign for equality in services pensions. Members of CAFF UK and others visiting this site are encouraged to give their support by getting as many signatures as possible and sending them in. To view the form and print it then Click here. There is more information, including the address to send the forms to, on the form.

11th November 2007

EDM 67

With reference to EDM 67, (Early Day Motion) the present number of signatures reflects a considerable amount of support from Members of Parliament and this will hopefully increase when our researched report is forwarded to all M.P.s by the beginning of the Autumn session of Parliament.

To read details of the EDM debate click here. If you click here you can see the current signatories on the parliamentary web site for EDM 67 raised by Colin Challen.

23rd June 2007

CAFF UK AGM 21st May

Apologies to everyone waiting for news of our progress. The AGM took place at The Union Jack Club in London, on Wednesday 21st May 2008. To read the minutes then Click here to display or print the
          minutes - Word Document click here. To read the Agenda then Click here to display or print the Agenda - Word Document 59kb click here
The Secretary General reported upon his progress with the Report. This has been a far greater task than was originally anticipated and a much more complicated task, thanks to having to research Govn documents going back to pre WWII, and challenging everything that comes out of the Civil Service.

This Report is now virtually complete, and is expected to be available, later in the summer. So far as we can tell, it is the only detailed examination of the pre 1975 service pensions situation in existence, with no other bodies able to compete with us, on this subject.
Our AGM also appointed our first International Secretary (EDDIE ELY, who is based in Spain) and he will be keeping in touch with all our overseas members on a more regular basis.

I hope you are all encouraged to hear that something has indeed been going on "down in the bunker"!!
The next AGM is scheduled for Thursday 7th May 2009 at the Union Jack Club, London, with the Executive Committee meeting provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 9th September.

Kindest regards and thanks for your continued support.


Chairman: CAFF UK

updated 29th April 2009

Parliament Lobby

The lobby of parliament took place on the 17th of April. The aim was to raise the profile for our campaign for equality in armed forces pensions irrespective of service dates and to get more signatures for the Early Day Motion(EDM) 67. To read a report from the Chairman about the lobby please click here.

21st April 2007

Parliament Lobby

Lobby MPs at The House of Commons on 17th March 2004

6th February 2004

Treasury Case

Hudson & Others v. MOD & Treasury, Case No. A3 2003 0594 QBENF.

26th January 2004

CAFFUK How it started?

Initial article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper promoting the setup of CAFFUK

19th December 2004







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