Secretary's Report for January 2019

My sincere apologies for the recent lack of information on the Website and delay in giving you my overall update on our present position. This has been due to the need for setting up a new Website with Andy Tondeur at Able Media as our new Website Manager and difficulties in coordinating our new requirements for the Website with Santander Banking. For those who are wondering we are not giving up on our claims and we are not going away! So please continue to give us your support which is vital especially at this point in time. At present we are putting together a list of questions for the Prime Minister as First Lord of the Treasury to answer publically via the Andrew Marr Show, which is normally broadcast on Sunday Mornings on BBC1 at 10am. In the meantime due to the continuing Political debacle in relation to the Brexit negotiations we could well end up with a new Government and a different Prime Minister. We shall have to await the outcome and cross this bridge when we come to it. Hence a further delay in making our claims. In any event I think it is worth while reminding our Members as to what our claims amount to and how they came about. They represent the biggest heist on Pension Funds during the Twentieth Century, adding to the total injustice perpetrated upon the Armed Forces serving between 1958 and 2019 now. A period of “Political Infamy” in fact. At the same time the present Prime Minister has the audacity to claim the present Government values the Armed Forces! “Only when needed of course” It now looks as though this Brexit nonsense is going to rumble on for ever more and a day. In these circumstances we have decided to press ahead with our claims irrespective. We intend to put our case for investigation to the Andrew Marr Show and subsequently the Serious Fraud Office as soon as time permits. In 1958, the Government with Harold Macmillan as Prime Minister appointed Sir James Grigg as Chairman of a Committee to carry out a detailed review into all aspects of recruitment into the Armed Forces. On completion Sir James Grigg and his Committee made a series of recommendations to the Government which accepted them subsequently in total. In particular one of the recommendations stated that when Members of the Armed Forces subsequently left and took up employment as Civil Servants they should be able to include their years of service in the Armed Forces with their years of service as Civil Servants for Occupational Pensions purposes. Details of the recommendation were published in a Command paper 545 by the 1958 Government.


In the report of the Advisory Committee on Recruiting under the Chairmanship of Sir James Grigg (Command 545 October 1958)

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Long term Government, Fraudulence, Subterfuge, Chicanery, Duplicity, Embezzlement, misappropriation and theft of Armed Forces Occupational Pensions and Gratuities 1958-2018

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Letter to MP

You have become known as Caroline Duplicity M.P instead of Caroline Dinenage M.P. .

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