A note from Johnny Mercer

A relentless pace only quickens as I am busy setting up the United Kingdoms first Office for Veteran Affairs, and the New Prime Minister prorogues Parliament to finally get BREXIT delivered. A new term; new responsibilities. But nothing changes - Plymouth comes first The Summer has seen the election of Boris Johnson as the UK’s new prime Minister. With the new PM came huge opportunities, and I seized them to ensure some of the key areas of concern for people living in Plymouth were addressed: connectivity; police numbers on our streets, money for education and public services. Strategically I took the opportunity to finally establish what the UK has long needed - an Office for Veterans Affairs, and I was delighted when the Prime Minister asked me to lead it as Minister of Defence People and Veterans in both the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defence. The announcements from the Prime Minister on each of these policy areas - 20,000 more police on our streets; a minimum £5,000 spend per pupil in our schools (a significant increase for Plymouth) and impressive spending commitments on our public services have been extremely well received on the doors that I’ve banged on over the Summer. Equally the office of Veterans Affairs comes with it, a huge responsibility to finally deliver on this nation’s responsibilities to those who have served - with so many of them in Plymouth - and I am working all hours to make sure this actually means something to the community from which I am drawn, and which I feel so passionate about. Of course - I understand concerns surrounding the decision this week by Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament. I do feel much of the reaction has been confected - what he has proposed only reduces time before the crucial EU Summit on 17/18 Oct where we must get a deal. The cries of “Coup” or similar are frankly ridiculous. My position remains unchanged. I want to leave, with a deal, on October 31st. We should have left by now - BREXIT is paralysing all the things I wanted to do when I became your MP. I am very excited about a new Parliament that will give me the opportunity to shape policies that continue to keep this City on an upward trajectory towards that incredible potential we all know Plymouth has.


In the report of the Advisory Committee on Recruiting under the Chairmanship of Sir James Grigg (Command 545 October 1958)

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Long term Government, Fraudulence, Subterfuge, Chicanery, Duplicity, Embezzlement, misappropriation and theft of Armed Forces Occupational Pensions and Gratuities 1958-2018

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You have become known as Caroline Duplicity M.P instead of Caroline Dinenage M.P. .

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