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Secretary's Report for January 2019


My sincere apologies for the recent lack of information on the Website and delay in giving you my overall update on our present position. This has been due to the need for setting up a new Website with Andy Tondeur  at Able Media as our new Website Manager and difficulties in coordinating our new requirements for the Website with Santander Banking. For those who are wondering we are not giving up on our claims and we are not going away! So please continue to give us your support which is vital especially at this point in time.

At present we are putting together a list of questions for the Prime Minister as First Lord of the Treasury to answer publically via the Andrew Marr Show, which is normally broadcast on Sunday Mornings on BBC1 at 10am. In the meantime due to the continuing Political debacle in relation to the Brexit negotiations we could well end up with a new Government and a different Prime Minister. We shall have to await the outcome and cross this bridge when we come to it. Hence a further delay in making our claims. In any event I think it is worth while reminding our Members as to what our claims amount to and how they came about. They represent the biggest heist on Pension Funds during the Twentieth Century, adding to the total injustice perpetrated upon the Armed Forces serving between 1958 and 2019 now. A period of “Political Infamy” in fact. At the same time the present Prime Minister has the audacity to claim the present Government values the Armed Forces! “Only when needed of course” It now looks as though this Brexit nonsense is going to rumble on for ever more and a day. In these circumstances we have decided to press ahead with our claims irrespective. We intend to put our case for investigation to the Andrew Marr Show and subsequently the Serious Fraud Office as soon as time permits.

In 1958, the Government with Harold Macmillan as Prime Minister appointed Sir James Grigg as Chairman of a Committee to carry out a detailed review into all aspects of recruitment into the Armed Forces. On completion Sir James Grigg and his Committee made a series of recommendations to the Government which accepted them subsequently in total. In particular one of the recommendations stated that when  Members of the Armed Forces subsequently left and took up employment as Civil Servants they should be able to include their years of service in the Armed Forces with their years of service as Civil Servants for Occupational Pensions purposes. Details of the recommendation were published in a Command paper 545 by the 1958 Government.


Special Notice for War Widows or Widowers UK.


The Combined Armed Forces Federation UK is requesting those families which lost a  Member of the Armed Forces on Active Service and became Widows or Widowers subsequently since 1958 to contact the Federation Secretary General for Research and  Insurance purposes.

The Federation wishes to know what financial provisions were made both before and after the death of a Member of the Armed Forces on Active Service in particular or otherwise.

Please provide a “Typed Report” with the authors signature and address to include as many financial and personal details of the named Members of the Armed Forces concerned together with any personal comments. Reports will be kept confidential by the Federation.

The Secretary General will be providing an update of the general situation of Our Occupational Pensions Claim since 1958 in early 2019.

The Federation will be most grateful for your co-operation in this research which should be addressed to:

David Robson

Secretary General CAFF UK

34 Raynes Road



PO13 9AL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

Best Wishes

David Robson

Secretary General CAFF UK

Jamie Potter


Bindmans LLP

236 Gray’s Inn Road, London


November 1st 2018

Dear Jamie Potter,

Long term Government, Fraudulence, Subterfuge, Chicanery, Duplicity, Embezzlement, misappropriation and theft of Armed Forces Occupational Pensions and Gratuities 1958-2018

Thank you for your recent letter dated 2nd October 2018 reference: 259862/1 regarding original documents and rules including Questionnaire.

The above was the biggest heist on the Pension Funds of the Armed Forces during the 20th century which continues even today. This claim presents a matter of extreme Public importance.

We were naturally very disappointed that Bindman's was only prepared to represent a minority of our Membership for service in the 1970’s. Our total Membership have all been defrauded of what they are entitled to and our federation is obliged to represent all of them. They have all contributed to our funds. Perhaps Bindman's will re-consider this matter in the light of this further additional information and facts.

Each Prime minister since 1958 as First lord of the Treasury has obstructed the introductions and requirements of the 1958 governments intentions to give members of the Armed Forces, serving from 1958 to 1975, parity with Civil service pensions. Each in turn have refused to introduce transitional legislation to do so as required.

The first excuses for failing to do so from subsequent ministers and Treasury Mandarins was to claim the Armed Forces were not alone in the missing out on Occupational pensions. Following in depth research by this Federation this claim was seen to be a deliberate lie amounting to subterfuge which proved in fact, that the Armed Forces were the only employees to be denied an occupational Pension!

It can be demonstrated with reference to my own Civil service Pension I am entitled to, means I have been defrauded of approximately £11,500 including the gratuity. This is for my eight years of service in the Royal Navy.

In terms of Legal Aid application. Since this claim is a matter of extreme Public importance and our Membership has already paid a high price to support our federation there should be no question that we should now be required to contribute to Legal aid. Our Federations income barely covers our expenses already and this country owes it to this Federation to be fully supported financially, by Legal Aid.

It could also be demonstrated that each successive Government since 1958 by comparison, has used what funds should have funded the Armed Forces Pensions has been used instead to fund the international Aid Budget. The present Prime Minister claims to value the Armed Forces. We are sure she does at £11.5 billion a time like all previous Prime Ministers in order to fund Foreign Aid!

There were no Foreign cruises, or investments in holiday properties abroad or other luxuries for 90% of the Armed Forces when they first retired in the early 1990’s. Even the long serving 10% who did receive an  Occupational Pension have also been short changed. Now that our Members are in their eighties not even Scooters are available to them for having been defrauded. No doubt the West Indian Windrush immigrants could by means of belonging to other Pension Schemes?  But for the pressure on the Armed Forces to face down the Nuclear threat from the East  in the 1960’s onwards there would have been no requirement to give them work here at all anyway in the first place!

The Government in the early 1950’s were not Fish and chip Shop Managers when they decided to give all the Armed Forces parity of Pensions and Gratuities equal to those of Civil servants. Many of their Ministers may well have served in the Armed Forces during the Second world war and realized the injustice of treating men and woman who were required to put their lives at risk if necessary of treating the Armed Forces as inferior to Civil Servants.

Even the present Armed Forces can not be sure the grubby fingers of Governments will not be tempted to find a Billion here or a Billion there from their pay packets and pensions if they decide they need some extra money from somewhere!

From a personal point of view I think this country needs to reinstate the Republic the good people of this country fought for in the 17th Century. We could reintroduce a Lord Protector to protect people from this kind of Political corruption. ….Now there's a thought! Its still not too late to correct this continuing disgraceful injustice to this country's most loyal supporters!


  1. Callagham– In answer to “Any Question”- Radio Programme early 1960’s– Why are Armed Forces Pay Levels so much lower than Civilian Pay levels?

- J.Callagham’s answer– Armed Forces Pay Levels have to be considered in relation to the Pensions they  receive!

In relation to Pension Funds– Anthony Sampson- “Who runs this Place?” Page 270

-And the people who run them had developed their own priorities and interests which had become very different from the interests of their Policy holders!

Yours Sincerely

David Robson

Secretary General CAFFUK

Caroline Dinenage MP

House of Commons



June 5th 2016

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

Thank you for your letter dated 22nd April 2016 enclosing a reply from Mark Lancaster TD MP regarding the whereabouts of Command 570 dated 18th April 2016.

Your claim that the Command 570 has been thoroughly investigated is totally incorrect and your condolences are totally out of order. What has not been investigated is why the Armed Forces Pensions have not been adjusted to include the requirements of the Government in 1958 which approved the number of years they spent as service men and women being added to our Civil Service Pensions after leaving the Armed Forces.

Also it has not escaped my attention and notice that I specifically requested you to bring these matters to the attention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister and you failed to do so.

In any case it is the outcome of any further studies referred to regarding these matters which are of specific importance. It would appear from the correspondence I have had with you on this subject that no attempt has been made to implement the approval of the requirement made by the Government in 1958 and it’s the only matter which could possibly have any relevance to a further study.

Our Federation has therefore every right and expectation to be treated with parity and equality with those employees serving this country in the comfort of the Civil Service for the equivalent number of years in the Armed Forces. We are not seeking “Handouts” like “Bogus Asylum seekers” or National Health Foreign “Holiday Makers”.

What this Federation is seeking and is fully entitled to is as follows:

  1. The Immediate organisation and implementation of our adjusted Civil Service Pensions in accordance with the requirements made by the Government in 1958.
  2. Back payments with interest from the time our Members qualified for payment of our Civil Service Pensions, including Gratuities attached to item 1 as above.
  1. Compensation for lost financial opportunities since retirement as in 1 and 2 above.
  2. Equivalent payments to the next of kin of the above where our Members have deceased since their retirement.
  3. An apology to our Members for this long standing neglect by this and previous Governments of the above.

Since 1958, successive Governments including your own now, have chosen to ignore the requirements to adjust our Civil Service Pension entitlement in favour of your own Political Manifestos instead ! This is nothing less than a National Scandal. It amounts to contempt for our Members and the service they gave in the Armed Forces and also a gross misappropriation of Public Funds and Armed Forces Civil Service Pension entitlements.

With reference to your claim that we can be thoroughly assured the location of MOD Command 570 has been thoroughly investigated is incorrect. In a further attempt to employ surreptitious bureaucracy you will find it attached to command 545 as an addendum. Once again it refers to a further study for the third time.

Considering you are an MP for a long standing Garrison Constituency for the Armed Forces we are totally disappointed with your lack of support to date. We will send a copy of this letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister ourselves. The present situation also amounts to a blatant discrimination between Civil Servants and the Armed Forces. You and your Government are requested to resolve this long standing injustice once and for all forthwith !

Caroline Dinenage MP

House of Commons



February 7th 2017

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

 Armed Forces Occupation Pensions entitlements Pre and Post 1975

 I replied to your letter dated October 31st 2016 enclosing a copy of PRO 58/88 file title—Records Administration MOD, on November 10th 2016.

I have had no response from you or the Government and its Departments which have been contacted in the meantime. That is with the exception of a letter from you Dated 9th December 2016

with an update on the issue of “Assisted Dying”! This is especially disappointing since I pointed out that due to the present age of our members you were requested to bring these matters

to the attention of the Government as a matter of the “Utmost Urgency”. Many of our Members are now in their late 70’s or early 80’s with still nothing to show for their service to this country!

It  may be you have been indisposed since October 31st, as I haven’t  noticed your appearance at Prime Minister’s Question Time on Television? If this is correct could you please advise me regarding

what alternative arrangements MP’s have in place on such occasions.

It may be your Researches have been seeking the outcome of “Records” acquired by the liaison Officer referred to as a Mr E.T. Williams for the Grigg Report Detailed records Department as on the

last page of your enclosure PRO 58/88 dated 13th September 1956.

These above Records should indicate and comply with the Records we requested from the MOD and Civil Service personnel Departments you kindly passed on for us recently. That is —-

Those dates and personal details of all Members of the Armed Forces. Royal Navy, Royal Airforce and Military who subsequently became Civil Servants following their Armed Forces Careers.

Caroline Dinenage MP

House of Commons



23rd November ‘17

Dear Caroline Dinenage,


Enclosure: Cabinet Office letter dated 16th May 2017.

References: Your letter dated 2nd August 2016 with extract from Command 545 (Grigg Committee) 1958.

Your letter dated March 2017 enclosing copy of letter dated 3rd March 2017 from Mr

Ben Gummer MP.

My letter to you dated 15th September 2016.

Thank you for your letter, Reference 2 above.

With reference to the enclosure of the Cabinet office letter dated 16th may 2017. There is no difference in principle between our claims and those of Regina.v.Savundra and Walker

of Fire Auto Marine Insurance Company who were found guilty of gross fraud on appeal in 1968.

The monies paid in Premiums to their Insurance Company were unable to meet insurance claims because they had been used by S and W to finance their own lavish lifestyles. When

the Government failed to pay the Armed Forces Occupational Pensions from 1990 onwards Government Ministers and Treasury Mandorins paid out on Politicians expenses and

Foreign visits together with Pomp and Ceremony instead. This amounted to gross fraud in relation to Armed Forces Pensions payments.

You may be aware that it was this kind of Political corruption which prompted Oliver Cromwell in the 17th Century to dismiss Parliament and Politicians and rule the country as

a Lord Protector instead for five years before he died in 1658. It is 10 years now since I first made you aware of our legitimate claims to Occupational Pensions. Successive Governments

including yours now have also failed to recognise and pay our Members Pensions since we started to retire in the 1990’s. (See Cabinet Office letter enclosed and dated 16th May 2017).

This Cabinet Office letter confirms as did Mr Callaghan in the early 1960’s when he was Minister of Defence, that the low level of

Armed Forces pay had to be considered in relation to the Pensions they received. What he omitted to say and must have known, was that according to the Pension Scheme rules at

the time 90% of the Armed Forces would not qualify for an Occupational Pension anyway!

In the letter at ref 1 you referred to how we might progress our claims since the letter detailed the very essence of why we have a legitimate claim to Occupational Pensions. I brought this

matter to your attention in 2008! Subsequent to this letter you were requested to give our Federation an assurance on at least four occasions for the benefit of our Members that you would

progress our claims as you stated at the start of this letter. Four times you failed to do so. You are the Principal and your Secretary is your Agent and not your self appointed Deputy MP for

your information! Please ensure I do not have to repeat this advice. I have a right to expect you to sign all your letters to me and not your Secretary.

Subsequent to the above in reference 3 we suggested how we thought our claims could be progressed by requesting the Prime Minister to set up an independent Departmental Committee to

liaise and supervise, as necessary, with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Treasury together with the Civil Service and MOD, for the implementation and payment of our Pension entitlements

as a matter of urgency. You made no response to this letter or took any similar or alternative action.

Now you have added your signature to the letter in reference 2 from Mr Gummer M.P. In doing so you have confirmed you never had any intention of progressing our legitimate

Pension claims in the first place. Once again your condolences are totally out of order again and your prevarication over the last eight years has cost some of our Members their

lives in the meantime and without any recognition of the service they gave this country in their retirement! Bogus asylum claimants have been much better served in the meantime.

Despite our legitimate claims to Occupational Pensions our Members are the only 20th Century employees not to have benefited from Occupational Pensions in both the Public

and Private domain during their years in retirement. All early attempts by Government Ministers at Duplicity suggests that the Armed Forces were no different from many other

Public and Private employees who had no access to Occupational Pensions. When challenged to name them they were unable to do so because there are none! This was confirmed by our

own research! This despite the Governments directives and intention to ensure they would be given parity with Civil Service Pensions as retired Civil Servants. This amounts to a total

neglect of the Duty of Care we are owed and Gross Fraud since the 1990’s. Now the Prime Minister claims to be Governing in the interests of “One and All”! But not on the interests of

yesterdays Armed Forces apparently! The Prime Minister also claimed the Conservative Party values the Armed Forces. History proves this is incorrect to date.

The best years of our retirements have now been lost to our Members and our children in terms of foreign holidays and cruises. Compare this with what Civil Service Occupational

Pensions have been able to afford in terms of the purchase of Foreign property etc. Now our members are all in their Eighties even the purchase of adjustable beds and chairs along

with mobility scooters for getting about are unaffordable without our pensions. As regards retrospection Mr Gummer refers to. You know as well as we do and Mr Gummer knows,

this has been brought about by successive Governments and now yours by ignoring the implementation requirement of the 1958 Government. If this is not an example of the neglect

of a duty of care towards the Armed Forces and duplicity we don’t know what is!

As Anthony Sampson points out in his publication “Who runs this Place?” - His insight into Political thinking with reference to “Pensions Funds”, he quotes-

“And the people who run them have developed their own priorities and interests which have become very different from the interests of Policy holders.”

The MOD, Robert Maxwell, Sir Philip Green etc for example!

As for Mr Gummers claims that our Pensions would be a claim on the Taxpayers this is yet another pack of lies, false pretences, and duplicity! He knows as well as we do there is no

such thing as a “Free Lunch” where Pensions Funds are concerned.—See Cabinet Office letter dated 16th May 2017 in Enclosure 1.

You have become known as Caroline Duplicity M.P instead of Caroline Dinenage M.P.

You are also the Third member of your Conservative Party as its M.P. for this Constituency to treat the Armed Forces with utter contempt.

Yours Sincerely

David Robson

Secretary General




Caroline Dinenage MP

House of Commons



Sept 15th 2016

Dear Caroline Dinenage,

Thank you for your letter dated August 2nd 2016 which included a copy of Command 545/ 570. Since it was delivered in an unsealed envelope could you please firstly confirm these were the only contents included to be enclosed.

Would you also forward my letters as addressed to Ms Tatum Burgess and Lt General Richard Nugee C.B.E with your compliments as a matter of urgency for me please.

We will also be writing to the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Requesting that the misappropriation of Public Funds and the Armed Forces Civil Service Superannuation Pension rights as quotes above be terminated immediately.Action to taken to provide the benefits for Armed Forces as set out in our letter to you dated 20th May 2016.

With reference to your recent letter dated 2nd  Aug 2016, you quite correctly quote some of the reasons, among many others regarding the just cause of our claims in relation to the Governments’ decisions  in 1958 to provide the Armed Forces with parity and equality for their years of Service to be recognised for Pension purposes with Civil Servants, when becoming Civil Servants themselves.

Your letter suggests you are prepared to give support to our claims as above for which we are grateful but it would also be helpful if you could give us your personal assurance of this regarding any future progress.

Sir James Grigg’s enquiry also pointed out that their recommendations should not be watered down or diluted in any way. Also Lord Callaghan at the time also stated publicly that the Armed Forces levels of pay had to be considered in relation to the Pensions they received.

In addition Civil Service years of Employment in the comfort of the Civil Servants received Occupational Pension Rights, for each and every years’ service professionally supervised and managed by the Cabinet Office without any commitment to serve for a fixed number of years or put their lives at risk!

Compare this with Members of the Armed Forces Other Ranks who were expected to serve for at least 22 years without any expectation of Occupational Pension Entitlements whatever! Also whilst being short changed in pay in order to provide them (Reference Lord Callaghan).

Claims have been made by M.O.D Government Departments. That the Armed Forces were not alone in lack of Occupational Pension Rights in relation to Public Service Departments  We have requested Government Ministers to name the Public Service Departmentsthey are referring to, but they have been unable to do so.  In any case the 1973 Social Security Act created an Occupational Pensions Supervisory Board to ensure that both Public and Private Managements of Occupational Pension Schemes introduced set rules of changes to their Occupational Pension Schemes in relation to preserved Pension Rights. In the 1973 Act by the time of the introduction of the Social Security and Pensions Act 1975.