In the report of the Advisory Committee on Recruiting under the Chairmanship of Sir James Grigg (Command 545 October 1958) recommendations were made for improving the pensions of other ranks, family Pensions and the non-effective benefits generally of the Women's Services. The Government accepted these recommendations and this paper sets out the main features of the revised terms. Existing rules generally remain otherwise unchanged and detailed regulations will be issued in due course.

One of the detailed regulations to be issued in due course was that Transitional legislation would be introduced to enable years of Service in the armed Forces to be counted towards Civil Service Occupational Pensions if and when they subsequently became Civil Servants. As above, the recommendations were made for improving the Pensions of all other ranks etc generally across the board, as stated and not just subsequent Civil Servants.

At the present time we are seeking resolutions to the above and will keep the website informed as and when we are able. We are hoping to persuade The Andrew Marr Show on Sundays to Question the Prime Minister about them.

David Robson

Secretary General CAFFUK